Looking for feedback so I can get some updates coming your way!

Thanks to everyone who has visited the blog so far and checked out what’s going on in my corner of the internet 🙂

I sort of bombarded any visitors with a lot of content right up front, but by now I figure if you’re interested in the topic you’ve had a chance to check out the existing reviews and maybe you’re interested in some more. Of course, if you’re a first-time visitor, thanks for coming and I hope you’ll find what I’m doing here useful!

I’ve been asking on the forums where these comparative reviews are first published whether there’s anything I could do next that would really get people interested. Since I want this blog to be an equally important part of my reviewing, I’ll offer the same question to anyone who happens to drop by: what would you like to see out of my reviewing? Do comparison clips really interest you? Would you prefer that I show off some of the more out-of-the-ordinary features of various modelers, including amp models that are only present in THAT modeler and no other? Do you want me to put up some clips showing all of the dirt pedals in a modeling plug-in? Or would you find it helpful for me to document the process of creating patches and achieving a few different sonic goals?

Any of those options, or any suggestions you have, I’ll be happy to listen and think on them. I want this to be a good resource for everyone who is interested in the topic. I’m fortunate to be able to review these great products alongside eachother like this, and whatever I can do to make it as fun and useful for you as it is for me, I’ll be happy to consider.

So talk to me if you want to have a hand in shaping the trajectory of this review blog!


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