Freeware Plugins Worth Using

This list is based on an idea I had for an “Unofficial ReValver MkIII Expansion Pack” article. But it’ll be at least a week before I can update, mid-terms… So I’ll post this up here to give you guys something to have fun with in the meantime. Though it’s billed as a ReValver MkIII collection, of course it’s also just a great set of freeware plugins that’ll do a lot for your tone. There are more plugins that I’ll put in the final article, and some sound clips, etc., but this is a good start and hopefully it’ll be helpful. I’ve tried for the most part not to cross-post from the Freebie High Gain Comparison 1 article I did awhile back, with the exception of BTE Audio’s stuff because I consider it “must-have” 🙂

Anyway, without further ado…
Studio Devil has made one amp and cabinet combo freely available from their great Virtual Guitar Amp amp sim plugin, British Valve Custom; its cabinet sim is not defeatable so you can’t use it with external IRs, but it is a good sounding plugin that’s CPU-friendly and which plays nicely with other plugins whether in ReValver or out of it.

Nick Crow Wagner Sharp I and Wagner Mk2 (I is perpetually in 0.6, but it’s final and sounds great) – no cab sim on these babies, but put one after it and you’ll think two things: 1.) Why is he giving these away, they’re incredible, and 2.) Thx now I have an extra amp in ReValver! There are skins available online, too, if you don’t like Wagner Sharp’s GUI or Mk2’s lack of one.

BTE Audio has the Juicy77 amp sim and an immaculate, reference-quality tube screamer VST called TubeScreamerSecret. Check ’em out, they’re killer. Juicy77 has its own internal IRs, but the cabinet sim portion is defeatable so you’re free to run it into whatever.

Aradaz free amps are awesome, too. Aradaz Green, Aradaz White, and Crunch – and make sure to nab the other free VSTs the guy puts out. OUR Cabinet Simulator which I mentioned in an earlier post is awesome as well, and he has a useful sonic maximizer plugin for your pleasure. (Note: the goal of the maximizer is to make your sound as loud as it can be) Correction, thanks to KVR user pattonfreak1 for pointing out that it is not Aradaz but in fact Bootsy who makes BootEQ, and a host of other great other stuff besides. Sorry!

To add some extra pedals to ReValver MkIII, since it comes with perhaps not as many as you or I would like, definitely check out the Freetortion Series by Auraplug. There are four of them now, including a fully-functional, killer Digitech Whammy emulation released just last month. Loadable in ReValver’s VST host module!

Finally, ReValver MkIII’s delay modules are great but they only do one thing, multi-tap delay with filtration and modulation. That’s awesome, I use them all the time, but what if you don’t want that kind of delay? You’re in luck. Head over to this page and grab Bionic Delay, for sure, but all the other ones too. They’re killer. Bionic Delay is a great sounding multi-functional delay, and Echomania is a CPU-intensive but absolutely phenomenal way-beyond-vintage Tape Echo simulator that really nails the tape vibe but also takes you to crazy new places.


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