Amplitube Fender pre-release beta review!

Here’s IK’s official Fender site.

I’ve been lucky enough to get to beta test the latest version of the software, and publish a review based on my experiences. Obviously since it’s a pre-release beta and hasn’t received final approval from Fender, changes could be made to the software by the time of release or patched in afterward. But those changes should only be improvements, if they are made, and honestly it seems like a “finished” product to me, in terms of how it looks, feels, and sounds.

The review’s up at, and I’ll be happy to answer any questions about the software here. We’ll be putting up clips later today or tomorrow, so if there’s something you really want to hear, let me know and I’ll try to accommodate you. To be clear I don’t speak for IK Multimedia in any way, all I can give you are my thoughts as a modeler user, freelance reviewer and software tester.


3 Responses to Amplitube Fender pre-release beta review!

  1. DigitalMan says:

    I liked the review, it seems to give one a good idea of what’s in the package. You’re really quite good at this.
    I gotta wonder, though, what they were thinking of placing the wah AFTER the pedals, amplifier, and cabinet. While the argument of what goes first, distortion or wah, will go on for as long as the chicken or the egg, I have never heard of anyone using a wah after the speaker. Unless they have changed the routing significantly since Amplitube Metal and switched the cabinet and rack modules (and I doubt that they have, as it would affect the ability to integrate with Amplitube X-Gear), they seem to have placed a potentially useful effect in an utterly worthless position.
    But considering that the two biggest flaws are the rack mount wah’s position and lack of a post reverb, both flaws that can be easily addressed by a number of freeware plugins, it looks like Amplitube Fender will be a hit. Besides, who can say no to a ’59 Bassman, a Vibroverb with a SRV mod, and all of the other amazing features, all at such a low price?

  2. geareview says:

    Thank you for the complement, I try to balance thoroughly explaining the product with giving my thoughts on everything and keeping the reader’s attention. Glad to hear that you think I’m doing alright 🙂

    To clarify on the rack wah issue, there is a wah before everything: the Fender Fuzz Wah, which is a sort of four-in-one type of effect. It’s a Fuzz, a Wah, a Fuzz into a Wah, or a Wah into a Fuzz. And the wah side sounds great, too. But I do agree that it was a missed opportunity to have a flexible Crybaby/Clyde switchable voicing Wah be rack-only. Yeah, if you’re using the full Powered-By-Amplitube suite, you’ve got those wahs up front that way; but it’s a shame that people whose introduction to the IK modelers is Amplitube Fender won’t be able to have some Crybaby or Clyde wah action going on. Hardly a deal-breaker though since there is a good wah up front, and I imagine people will be too busy drooling over the great Fender tones to worry too much either way.

  3. DigitalMan says:

    I knew that the fuzz wah was in the “stomps” section, I was just miffed that the other wah would only be available in the rack section. I agree though, it is by no means a deal breaker. Free wah effects like the Coyote Wah, which has 4 different voicings, or Partick Wurr’s with an adjustable sweep are easily available for those who lack the other Amplitube wah’s.

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