I guess IK liked my review of Fender!!

Apparently they liked what I had to say, well enough that they put some excerpts on their site! Which means FrugalGuitarist is the first publication in the world to review Amplitube Fender, and I am the first guy to get my thoughts out about it. How cool is that?

Here’s their web site link to it…
IK Multimedia’s page on my review!

Here’s what they put up:

“Amplitube Fender® Provides a Virtual Arena of Realistic Tones”
FrugalGuitarist.com gives a glowing review of AmpliTube Fender®!

Jeff Baker from Frugal Guitarist recently got an exclusive sneak peak at the new AmpliTube Fender® Guitar Suite in the March issue:

“IK Multimedia, with the help of Fender’s golden-ear engineers, have given the digital world some of the most intimately modeled analog tones to date, not only old favorites but newer great-sounding amplifiers as well, and a variety of them which will satisfy any musician and give audio engineers an extremely powerful studio tool for sculpting the perfect sound “in the box.””

“These amplifiers…..exhibit the pinnacle of IK Multimedia’s biggest strength, which is the realistic and dynamic way in which the amps respond to your playing – just like a real tube amp, without changing a single setting you can go from sparkly clean to gritty overdrive just by playing softly or really digging in to the strings.”

“All of the cabinets are extremely well modeled and fit their respective amps like a glove, not to mention the variety of tones that can be had from mixing and matching cabinets. However, there’s one cabinet in Amplitube Fender which really stands out. The Vibratone cabinet is, without a doubt, the most impressive rotary cabinet simulation in any amp modeling product I have used (and that is quite a substantial list).”

“Amplitube Fender provides a virtual arena of realistic tones, capturing the dynamic responsiveness of 50 years of tube amp designs and offering musicians and studio hands tones from classic to very modern. IK Multimedia got Fender’s seal of approval on every amp, cabinet, and effect in the collection – and now they get mine, too.”

Find out more about AmpliTube Fender®.

FENDER™, STRATOCASTER™, and the distinctive headstock and body designs commonly found on the STRATOCASTER guitar, and all FENDER amplifiers, logos, and trade dress are the trademarks of FMIC and used herein under license. All rights reserved. AmpliTube® Fender® is a trademark or registered trademark property of IK Multimedia Production Srl.


Of course they left out the critique bit, but marketing is what it is I guess. I’m stoked to see my work getting recognized at that level, though!

Here’s the


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