Amplitube Fender Clips

Will Chen, my editor, is out of town for the time being so until he gets back in, I’ll be hosting these clips up here at my blog. Whenever he’s able to, he’ll add them to the review at FrugalGuitarist and that’ll be that ๐Ÿ™‚ But until then, here we go…

All clips recorded with my MIJ Fender Stratocaster Contemporary Special 22, upgraded with SCN pickups. No post-processing apart from some mild limiting to get a consistent volume across the tracks, per Will’s request.

IF ANY OF THE CLIPS SOUND DISTORTED ON PLAYBACK IN TINDECK, please DOWNLOAD them rather than streaming them. None of these should clip in the slightest, I’ve done everything possible to preserve the dynamic range of the amp models and provide a relatively even presentation using very mild compression/limiting on the majority of the signal, and a brickwall limiter on render – none peaks any higher than -1db or so, and most should live within around -4 to -3db! Tindeck’s flash player can sometimes cause problems, at least one person was disappointed in the clips because of a lot of distortion and clipping that was the fault of Tindeck’s flash player on his OS and browser. Don’t let that happen to you ๐Ÿ™‚

Amplitube Fender song demo (SuperSonic intro, rhythm, lead guitar) and Bassman 300 (bass)

Amplitube Fender Surf’s Up: ’63 Reverb into ’65 Twin

Amplitube Fender Sitar-alike (Blender -> ’63 Reverb -> Champ 600)

Amplitube Fender Metalhead demo (remember, this is a Strat with single coils!)

Amplitube Fender Vibroverb Custom w/ SRV Mod switch ON and Bright switch ON

Amplitube Fender Vibroverb Custom w/ SRV Mod switch OFF and Bright switch ON – same clean track, same settings on the amp

Amplitube Fender Phaser into a Twin – I mess around quite a bit with the Phaser’s range of adjustment, trying to show some of the extremes but also the wide middle range where there are a lot of great phaser sounds.

Amplitube Fender Fuzz Wah into Pro Junior (Fuzz Wah is set to the Wah-side only, I wanted to demonstrate how this Wah sounds – the dirt is all from the great Pro Junior)

Amplitube Fender Blender into ’57 Deluxe, Robot Noises! Someone asked me to do a Blender clip all-out, well, here you go. I was trying to show how when you play notes with an inharmonic sum, it acts sort of like a ring modulator, while if you play notes with a harmonically related sum it sounds like a fuzzy octave.

There are some requests that I didn’t get to, but I am still perfectly happy to record more clips if there’s something that someone really wants.


2 Responses to Amplitube Fender Clips

  1. Jay Key says:

    Sounds nice, really ;). Thanks for the clips.

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