Just a heads up…

I won’t be posting anything new on the blog until this weekend most likely. My grandmother passed away in our home this morning at 10:30 AM, finally letting go of her long fight against cancer. She was a wonderful woman, so strong and loving and an inspiration to everyone who knew her. It was hard not to love her if you got to know her, and we’ve had people drop by all day with tears in their eyes, some real surprises… I was there when she passed and I can only say that I’m glad that she isn’t suffering anymore. She was more like my mom to me than my grandma, and I will miss her so.


3 Responses to Just a heads up…

  1. DigitalMan says:

    Hey Agreed, sorry about your grandmother, I’m sure that it’s a difficult time for you and your family, and I’d like to offer my condolences.

  2. geareview says:

    Thank you, man. I didn’t know whether to mention it on my blog or not, but I wanted to let people know I wasn’t going to have time or inclination for any updates and I felt that this is my space on the net, even though I usually use it for “shop talk,” so since it’s my space it would be okay to memorialize someone I loved in a small way. I’m sorry if anyone reading this is bothered by the seriousness of it in what is usually a light-hearted and on-topic blog.

  3. Ken McLaren says:

    I’m sorry to hear/read about your Grandma. I really don’t know what to say other than remember all the things she taught you. And give her a smile everytime you use the knowledge she gave.
    All the Best to you and your family,


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