Next big update Wednesday, and seeking some feedback from y’all

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m going to take a little bit of time off blogging until Tuesday or Wednesday. I appreciate everyone dropping by. I’ve got to get some reviews finalized for FrugalGuitarist, and I also have some academic stuff to handle. If I happen to do anything interesting before my next real update, I’ll definitely post a link here, but I thought it’d be better to let everyone know not to expect anything new for a bit.

I do have an idea planned for the next real update, though, which I think will be of interest. I haven’t done any comparison in awhile, and I’ve got some great software in now which will make any comparisons I do in the future even better. So how about a new shoot-out for Wednesday? 😀

If you want to help me figure out what shoot-out to conduct, post here and tell me. So far I’ve done Vox, Fender, Marshall, and Mesa Rectos. I do need to post an update showing how Overloud TH1 1.1 does those sounds, that’s also planned for next week, but I want to do a new shootout… Maybe I could compare each software’s dirt pedals, with clips? That might be interesting, and it would give you guys something to think about. To keep it fair I could even use a free amp simulator as the actual amp in the comparison, so that the only variable would be the different pedals in the programs.

Comment and let me know if you like that idea, or if you’d like to see something else. Soon I’ll be doing this for some effects, as well. Ideally this blog is interactive, I’d love it if everyone would give me their ideas for stuff to do so that I could go forth and make it happen. Talk to me, folks!


One Response to Next big update Wednesday, and seeking some feedback from y’all

  1. FuzzHead says:

    How about a comparison of the overdrive pedals in TH1, Amplitube, Revalver, etc. using the clean channel of SoloC or the clean channel of the BTE Juicy 77? Maybe with TSS and simulanalog’s overdrive pedals thrown in for good measure? Or maybe a comparison of the fuzz pedals, with Fuzz Plus and the Freetortion fuzz pedals added in as well? And a comparison of the “Whammy” pedals, GR3, AT Metal, AuraPlug’s free Whamdrive, etc. Just some ideas.

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