I know I said it’d be update day today, but…

My thesis oral defense is tomorrow, and I’ve got a lot of preparing to do! So it’ll be more like Friday, to be quite honest, as my next priority is getting reviews to Will at Frugal for publication. He’s an understanding guy but I’m surely pushing it 🙂

In the meantime, here’s a demo I did for Tom at http://www.fuzzhugger.com, showing off his new Great Wall fuzz (with a brief appearance from his AB-Synth too). Amps used were all from Amplitube Fender. TBP-1 for the bass amp, on its “Vintage” (Twin-inspired) mode, and the ’59 Bassman RI model for the guitar track. The drums were done with Toontrack EZdrummer, with grooves from GrooveMonkee’s incredible libraries. Such a time saver for me. Mastering was done with T-Racks 3 Deluxe on the master buss, as well as a few free plugins as inserts here and there (notably Pocket Limiter by TBT on the drum track).

Settings on the pedal are indicated.

Full demo track (guitar and bass)

The audio track got mangled by Youtube’s compression, so I’ve remastered it in the hopes that this version will make it through less molested. The video has not been updated yet, I will edit when it has, but here is the correct audio track for the demo.

not so great sounding video here, but it tells you all the settings used

Bass & drums track only – hear the full bass fuzz here!


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