A couple quickie AT:Fender clips (comprehensive pedals showcase in the works still!)

I just recorded two more clips today, of a Catalinbread Hyperpak Dirty Channel I just got in the mail into the Amplitube Fender Bassman RI. No post-processing at all, this is just Guitar->Pedal->DI->Virtual Amp with a few Amplitube effects thrown in for character.

Two clips, one of this strat’s bridge JB jr. humbucker, and one of its Lace Blue neck pup. It’s a two knob pedal, and the settings on it remain the same for both clips throughout: Volume at noon, Drive at 3/4. I change the guitar’s volume throughout the clips, should be obvious when I do it. Basically a lot of noodling trying to show how it reacts to different volume output from the guitar and picking dynamics with two pickups in my strat, nothing too exciting but hopefully it gets the point across.

Ask yourself – does that sound like a pedal into a real amp?

If I hadn’t told you, could you have reliably guessed?

I think those are the really important questions when it comes to modelers. If it does the trick and can’t be distinguished from that which it is modeling if you don’t know what you’re hearing, I think it has to be considered successful.

That concluded, I’m moving forward with the next update, which will be a showcase (not a shootout) of the different overdrive, distortion and fuzz pedals from the various programs, all run into one quality freeware clean amp and cabinet to make the comparison as fair as possible. I think it’ll be a really fun article, going to have a LOT of clips in it for sure! I’ll try to keep the individual clips to a minute or less so that it isn’t painful and time-consuming to my readers beyond what’s necessary to demonstrate the sound of the pedal models.


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