Two new free amp sims

The first is the long-awaited Nick Crow 5150-inspired amplifier sim, 7170 Lead. Stick a cab sim after it (I recommend Aradaz’ OUR Cabinet Sim if you need a freebie), and prepare for sonic mayhem. Like the amp it’s modeling, it takes no prisoners – if you thought Nick’s Wagner and Wagner II were heavy, just wait ’til you hear this.

He’s got it up at his (new?) Google page:
Go grab it! And if you like it, why not donate? 🙂

The second, a sim which I helped make through beta testing (of course all the real work was done by Ken, it’s easy to throw suggestions and comments at a coding workaholic, haha, the hard work is trying to make sense of everyone’s suggestions and get a finished product that makes sense for everyone, and that’s all on him!), and which started from humble beginnings (a request for a single 12AX7 plugin) and developed through user and tester suggestions to become a comprehensive free guitar amp suite with clean and dirty sims, highly tweakable gain and EQ, competent noise reduction and even freely adjustable stereo delay: DualIntegratedGain 2.0, or just DIG 2.0.

I’ve got the 2.0 release candidate and I can tell you you’re going to like it, it’s every bit as tweakable as a commercial amp sim and it has a great tone. It can be either smooth or cutting, thanks to some of the innovations that Ken made when developing his commercial amp sim, Guts, that are incorporated into DIG. The built-in Cabinet Shaper can be used to get a DI-style cabinet sound if you’re going for that, or used as a three-band additional parametric EQ, or just bypassed completely if you’re like me and you have a big IR library of cabinets that you would rather use. In fact, nearly everything is bypassable and tweakable, but in such a way as anyone can use the software – you don’t have to be an amp tech to get the most out of DIG 2.0’s tweakable functions. Ken puts a big emphasis on making the user experience welcoming, and it has made the software very easy to get along with.

It should be publicly released today over at the DIG thread on GuitarAmpModeling. Right now you can already test drive an earlier version, but the real deal is definitely 2.0.

Some of you might be saying “Dude, where oh where is the amp sim dirt comparison?” To which I can only reply, it’s coming. This is the final month of my final year of being an undergraduate, there’s just so much to do, it’s crazy! But I’m trying to find time for play (and since I’m not getting paid for any of this, I do consider it part of my “fun” activities – though I do feel obligated to y’all and I hate making promises that I have trouble keeping). After graduation things will be much easier going, and it won’t be nearly so hard to get quality content coming out here and at FrugalGuitarist too.


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