Having some issues with my audio hosting, hopefully to be resolved soon

The universe conspires against y’all getting a comparison of all 48 dirt pedals in the software I use. But I will not be thwarted. I’m going to start posting them as single blog entries rather than wait until I have all 48 recorded and uploaded, I think that’ll be more manageable for y’all and for me as well. Plus this way you can search or use the categories to more easily get right to what you want.  I doubt anyone could even pay attention for 48 clips 🙂 The idea is for it to be a perpetually useful resource that folks can come to in order to see how the software compare on this or that pedal they’re particularly interested in; I don’t actually expect everyone to listen to 48 clips, even if they are just one minute long each. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure post.

In other news, I’m going to stop being so ambitious about blog update deadlines until AFTER I graduate. It turns out there’s a whole heck of a lot of stuff you’ve got to do in the last month of college, who knew? Sorry guys and gals, I promise this blog isn’t even close to dead and I’ve got some really cool content planned for after I graduate and I can actually start recording more during the day. If you can keep the faith for a few weeks, you’ll have proof aplenty 🙂

Thanks to everyone for continuing to come by, sorry it’s been slow lately. I do it for you guys.

Oh, in other news, apparently (according to Dennis from ProTone himself) Jason Becker liked my ProTone Jason Becker Distortion clips, which humbles me like you would not believe. He’s one of my heroes and he digs my stuff? Wow!


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