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Here’s the introduction:

Almateq Overloud TH1 1.1 is a very interesting entry into what has become a very crowded field of guitar amplifier modeling and multi-effects software. Among the considerations that the modern musician or audio engineer has when selecting a modeling software is whether the software is flexible enough to meet their needs; whether the effects are useful or simply for show; whether the program is both stable and gentle enough on the processor to be used across multiple tracks in a session; whether they have sufficient control over the software to use it live; whether the user interface is intuitive and workable; and just as importantly, whether the company can be counted on to listen to its users and respond to their needs moving forward. For a program to make waves rather than just a ripple, those factors and more have to be well in order. The leading modeling software companies have learned how to achieve the above goals through years of experience; it would be remarkable if Overloud TH1, a new product, could take a legitimate seat among the elders. However, after spending some time with TH1 1.1, in my judgment it is indeed a worthy competitor.

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