FrugalGuitarist exclusive – IK Multimedia Stealthpedal!

IK Multimedia, the company responsible for the Amplitube family of amp modeling and effects products and many virtual studio tools, is not new to audio interfaces for instruments. They have released the impressive StompIO unit in the past, a fully-featured DI and control combination which integrates seamlessly with their X-Gear combined powered-by-Amplitube operating environment, as well as StealthPlug, an affordable entryway for guitarists seeking a simple, effective guitar to USB converter. Coming at a price point between those two offerings, StealthPedal, their newest interface, is sure to turn some heads for its remarkable features that are currently unmatched in the industry…

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6 Responses to FrugalGuitarist exclusive – IK Multimedia Stealthpedal!

  1. Dave Thomas says:

    Can you hook the audio output from this to an fx return on an amp and get an output that doesn’t have hum?

    In my current system I cant do this without disconnecting the power from my laptop and running from batteries, look like a good bit of kit, I used to have a stealth plug but it felt award cable wise, drivers were a bit flaky on vista too!

  2. geareview says:

    This is most likely caused by a ground loop issue which can’t really be resolved by a piece of gear. My advice would be to ensure that you’ve got the same ground plane for both of them, usually accomplished by plugging them into the same outlet. If it still happens, then you might just have to use a battery with it, unfortunately. If that’s the case I’d recommend investing in an aftermarket battery upgrade to a battery with a higher cell count so that you can have longer cordless operation. The good thing is that if you are running it on a battery, you free yourself from a lot of the problems associated with powered devices – gone are any worries about surges, dirty power, brown-outs, bad grounding, etc., which are especially worrisome at venues which get the lowest bidder to work on the wiring. You can never tell what’s behind the outlet at some places, and even bigger, reputable venues can have power issues. Outdoor gigs have their own problems, with generators putting out inconsistent and fluctuating power. Battery isn’t such a bad thing in a lot of cases!

    This is definitely a huge improvement over the Stealth Plug – to be fair, that’s a budget solution aimed at guitarists who just want to be able to jam – this thing is most certainly pro in its construction quality and features. I think you’ll be impressed if you give it a shot, I certainly was.

  3. Dave Thomas says:

    Hmm, its just come in stock in the UK, and I have some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket! I dont use the Amplitube stuff much as it seems difficult sor me a get a good tone, thats the only thing that puts me off…

    I don’t do gigs to be honest, just have the odd jam and record at home.

    I checked out the Nick Crows 8505 on your recommendation by the way and it rocks, I didn’t even bother with a cab Sim just Analogue sims SD1 up front and some convolution reverb I lined out to my 1×12 combo, very nice!!

  4. geareview says:

    Into a cab, you’ve got the speaker covered so I wouldn’t recommend using an IR – I bet that sounds great.

    As far as getting a good tone out of Amplitube stuff, well, that depends largely on how the program works with you – different people will have different workflow preferences, and some things that are intuitive to me might be challenging to you, while you might easily grasp some things that I struggle with. Finding an amp modeler in today’s market comes down first to questions of workflow and whether the software thinks like you do. My experience with all of them that I’ve used has taught me that, really, you can make anything work and work quite well once you learn how to use it.

    But with StealthPedal you aren’t at all limited to Amplitube software, it just happens to come with some for you to use if you want to. It can control anything you like. I used it in the TH1 1.1 demo clips, and I have some clips of using it with other software on the Stealth Pedal review page at Frugal. It gets along with everything, so don’t feel like you’re limited to IK software if you go with the StealthPedal. That’s sort of its “big thing.”

    Thanks for dropping by, I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog 🙂

  5. Dave Thomas says:

    I actually fiddled with Amplitube last night and managed to get a good sound high gain and a lower gain one.

    I guess you are right about the user interface affecting things. I really like the sound of TH1 but i don’t find it that nice to use, I like using Revalver MKIII’s interface for making sounds but the preset managements a bit clunky. Guitar rigs interface is nice too but I find it really noisy!

    I guess being a software developer I could write my own but then I would spend more time writing code and less time actually playing guitar!

  6. geareview says:

    That is always a problem. I try to help modeling community members who develop software for free for the community, and as a result I see some of the frustrations they go through trying to bring out good stuff for people to use. I try to balance the “work” aspects of getting info out and writing my reviews, recording clips for demos, etc., with the “fun” aspects of doing stuff on my own for myself, but there are a lot of days where all the guitar I play in a day is aimed at evaluating a product or software either for review, or to let the maker know how it’s going and what it could use, or to demonstrate something for someone.

    Of course I enjoy all that or I wouldn’t do this! But, I understand completely where you’re coming from.

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