TH1 1.1 Clips

The DI and controller for all of these is the IK Multimedia StealthPedal. Part of reviewing the StealthPedal involved me actually testing it with a bunch of non-Amplitube software, so I figured I’d tie this in to demonstrate that it sounds good and controls anything you want it to, and quite effectively at that.

1. Bassman model, clean, with 9-0 Phaser and Plate reverb (controlling the phaser’s mix with StealthPedal)

2. RAT pedal (a real standout) into a Marshall/Fender hybrid amp (SLR slider) with some D-Delay and Plate Reverb

3. High-gain Overloud Custom/SLO hybrid (SLR slider)

4. Mu-Comp compressor into AC30 model with the Varifire turned up to give it more sizzle, Hall reverb

5. Rock Wah (activated and controlled with StealthPedal) into Diode250 overdrive into JCM900 model, cranked, with some Dimension Chorus, Tape Delay, and Hall reverb

Hope y’all dig it. I recommend reading my TH1 1.1 review, linked two posts back, if any of the terminology above is unfamiliar (e.g. “what the heck is a varifire?”)


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