StealthPedal Clips!

Will has these to upload whenever he gets a chance, but as always they’ll be mirrored here on my blog. These were all made using the StealthPedal both as an audio interface for my guitar, and for its expression capabilities.

1. Amplitube X-Gear, only Amplitube Metal gear (comes with the Standard and Deluxe bundle for a limited time!) Metal WahWah (Vox Wah 847 model) into PROdrive (RAT model) into Recto Clean model

2. Amplitube X-Gear – Ampeg SVX Compressor pedal, AT Fender ’63 Reverb pedal & AT Metal Flanger (mix on each controlled with Stealth Pedal) into AT Fender Vibroverb Custom

3. Guitar Rig 3 Tremolo (full intensity, rate controlled by StealthPedal) into Phase 90 model into Ultrasonic amp

4. PodFarm ChromeCustom Wah (controlled with StealthPedal) into Screamer (TS model) into JCM900 model into Tape Echo

As you can see, it works for any software you’ve got, making it pretty much the hottest thing in audio interfaces at the moment. I’ve heard that they’ll be shipping production units out this week, hopefully, so get it while it’s hot – “for a limited time,” and probably not all that long going by past experience, Amplitube Metal will be included with both the Standard and Deluxe packages. It’s a criminally underrated Amplitube family plugin, and it’s very cool of them to hook you up with it with Stealth.

It’ll be interesting to see if anyone has anything up their sleeve to try to answer this challenge from IKMM.


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