So we’ve basically moved into the in-laws’ until we move. Also, an explanation for my silence as of late.

June 29, 2009

I’ve finally moved over a bunch of recording equipment since this has changed from a short stay into a prolonged vacation. Sorry for the lack of substantial updates for the last couple of months, I’ve been having kind of a hard time getting back up on my feet and back in gear after the death of my grandmother and graduation – there was so much constant stress and pressure that I didn’t have time to slow down and think about everything that’s been going on lately, and as I’ve had time to unwind I’ve noticed some areas of my being that have been frayed by the stress. The process of working through things has kept me away from many of the fun things in my life, and my editor at Frugal could tell you I’ve been working right up to deadlines, too, something I don’t like at all. I am very sorry to my readers here and I assure you the blog is not dead. To prove it, in the next two days I intend to put up an interesting post of some kind, just to get back in the swing of things here. If you have any suggestions of something you’d like to see, knowing what software I have on the Home page, please let me know. I’m shelving the pedal shoot-out as too much to deal with right now and moving back to a more realistic, smaller scale update schedule so that I can hopefully pull myself back up into the right frame of mind. Help me out, guys and gals, I need y’all.

Best regards…

Unexpectedly long vacation to the In-laws’ ending

June 16, 2009

And an update on the way. I know, it’s been too long, but the blog should be back in full swing soon. Stay tuned. I’ll publicize on the usual web sites when the update comes, because it’ll be something I think a lot of people will dig 🙂