Might be another day or two before I can get everything posted – computer woes

Out here at my wife’s folks’, I’m using her laptop as my portable studio computer. Well, it doesn’t seem to want to play nice with licensing my stuff. Amplitube everything, TH1 1.1, Pod Farm have all installed and licensed more or less fine, but I’m having less luck with Guitar Rig 3 and ReValver MkIII. However I don’t anticipate it being an intractable problem, just something that’s going to take some tinkering; I can record and post some physical-gear-into-digital-modeler clips with the ones that I have managed to get working, but I want to have a decent update for you guys and I’d really rather have as much of my modeling software installed as possible so I can record a more comprehensive set before posting.

If you have a strong feeling one way or another, comment on this and let me know – if you guys want me to post anyway I will, otherwise I’ll get my situation troubleshooted and resolved so I can do it as planned.

I tell ya, when I’m having computer troubles I can understand why people buy a POD/Tonelab/G9.2tt/GT-10 etc.!


4 Responses to Might be another day or two before I can get everything posted – computer woes

  1. Dave Thomas says:

    Problem with the Hardware Fx units is they dont seem to be able to generate as good tone (at least not in nmy price range!), I dont use my GT10 any more at all, I use my new Stealth pedal exclusivly now! On a dedicated laptop in my studio/box room 🙂

  2. Jason says:

    I vote for waiting until everything is set up right., I’d rather the delay for a more comprehensive posting.

  3. geareview says:

    Word. I’ve got the big boys done, now I’ve just got to get StudioDevil up and running – for reasons I can’t fathom every time I try to install it, it doesn’t actually create the folder it claims to create. Compounded by the lack of a “where shall I install this?” field in the installer – in this day and age that’s a bit silly, who wants their amp modeling plugin installed in c:\program files\VST\studio devil? Just let me put it in my own VST folder so my DAW will see it without BS.

    I’m giving up on the installer and I’m going to just copy it over from my studio comp today – gotta head back to the house to pack some more stuff so I’ll take the opportunity to fix this problem.

    Thanks for your patience and suggestions, guys. I am honored that even though the blog’s been slow as can be lately I’ve still got you guys coming to see it. I’ll try to live up to that once we get moved and into the new place. I started this blog in a time of great change in my life and it has suffered as a result, but if y’all are kind enough to hang around then I will make it worth your time. Promise.

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