Added some more software: Softube’s range (for 90 days) and Waves GTR 3 v6 (for 1 year)

I’ll try to make the most of the limited licenses I was able to get.

The reason I haven’t recorded anything lately is that I’ve been having, of course, computer issues… I need to purchase a small mixer for my monitors, and the cabling to run my sound sources to the mixer. Without going into a lot of boring detail it’s been difficult to record things because I have to unhook all of my cables, re-hook them to the appropriate recording hardware, and with my back problem it’s very difficult for me to get down under the desk and do that. A little mixer will solve all my problems but money’s tight right now since Tasha won’t get her first check until September 22. How they expect teachers to survive the first month, I don’t know, luckily we have family and friends who have really come through for us.

Anyway, there’s new software which means as soon as I’m able to record some new content it should be that much more comprehensive and, hopefully, fun. The next planned update is still Recto pedals and Recto amp models, which ought to be interesting… I’m curious myself to see how the little analog boxes can stand up next to powerful digital models.


3 Responses to Added some more software: Softube’s range (for 90 days) and Waves GTR 3 v6 (for 1 year)

  1. blaknoize says:

    I got Waves GTR free for a year too but uninstalled last week, couldent for the life of me get anything close to a decent sound!

  2. geareview says:

    I’m surprised to hear that you weren’t able to get anything at all out of it, I have found some good stuff in it πŸ™‚ But of course there’s a reason there are so many different options around. The various sonic emphases and work-flow/GUI attributes of the different programs will naturally be better for some and worse for others. I try not to take it for granted that they’re all easy to use just because I’ve been working with all of them so long that I can usually figure them out quickly and get to making noise.

    I am much more impressed with the full GTR 3 than I was with GTR 3 Solo, for what it’s worth. It is a much more well rounded product, overall. It still has one thing I found true about GTR Solo, a sort of “pre-produced” sheen to the sound that you can’t really change or dial out… It makes what you record fit in a mix without a lot of work, but it’s not necessarily always what you want, and it does give all of the sounds a kind of vague sameness even though the amp models do exhibit plenty of differences like you would expect.

    I haven’t done enough with it to pass any sort of blanket judgment yet, though. These are just my initial thoughts. I’ve got a back-log of stuff I’m working through right now for FrugalGuitarist; a move will put you behind on your writing, let me tell ya…

  3. blaknoize says:

    from what I remember it was really noisy when I got the kind of distortion I was looking for, I was also in the process of culling off plugins I didnt need or didnt give me something I couldent get from another piece of software, sometimes having a big selection actually gets in the way πŸ™‚

    If your getting good sounds from it it would be nice to hear them and know the settings, I still got my license for the best part of a year anyway if I choose to start using it again…

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