Another Clip of one of ABG’s Preampus heads – Knuckle Head

Same signal path as the last time, though I did adjust the delay and reverb. I’m using a tracking compressor up front, the T-Racks 3 Deluxe (well, actually, the Singles version) Opto-Comp. It is set for subtlety, just bringing some flavor out of the guitar and giving me just a pinch more sustain; if you’ve ever used it you know it is a very transparent compressor (and my favorite of all the compression plugins I have). Anyway, yon clip approaches!

Of course it’s just more of my silly meandering noodling, but this time I did more rhythm playing to show off the dynamics that Ken is so proud of in this Preampus Classic Heads line.

I think Knuckle Head is my favorite of all, it just has a great, classic sound. Sorta reminds me of my old doctor’s Dumble, no joke. I got to play it a few times and this has a similar feel and sound (and costs about, oh, $40,000-$80,000 less than a Dumble, too). Could just be in my head, sense memory isn’t all it’s cracked to be and it’s been awhile, but that’s what I feel like when I play it 🙂


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