I always thought Ken must work 8 days a week, but apparently there ARE 8 days in Preampus week!

I had REAPER open in the background when I saw this posting over at KVR and one at GuitarAmpModeling announcing a bonus eighth Preampus Classic head, called Mr. Tater Headso of course I downloaded it and made a quick demo, why not 🙂

This one’s a bit different from the others, with individual gain controls for three frequency bands. As such it’s more complex to dial in than any of the others in the Preampus Head line; there’s a balance to be achieved between overall front gain (bottom left corner) and individual band gains; and there’s another, separate balance to be achieved between the individual band gains and the EQ knob that adjusts those frequencies. It’s possible to get some really FUZZ sounding stuff with this amp, but it’s capable of more laid-back stuff too. But you know me, I don’t really do laid back, so my demo is as usual seeing what you can get out of this amp when it’s pushed.

I didn’t use the built in Treble Booster this time, I had some trouble getting it to balance out with how I wanted the treble Gain and EQ settings to be, so I used instead two BTE Audio TubeScreamerSecret plugins in series, each set for 1/4 drive with only unity output on the first one and higher volume output on the second one to push the input gain stage harder on Tater Head. Why use two Tube Screamers instead of one with higher gain? Ask Stevie Ray Vaughn next time you’re at a seance, or just take my word for it that stacking pedals with individually lower gain can sound quite lovely 🙂 Try it with a couple germanium Fuzz Face pedals if you ever get the chance, or some Marshall Bluesbreaker pedals (fact: the Analogman King of Tone pedal is two modified Marshall Bluesbreakers in series in one box, sounds lovely).

Anyway, do I even have to say it’s going to be sloppy? I wish I was like Dimi Nalbantov and could rip out an amazingly fluent, virtuosic passages for demos at the drop of a hat, but that just isn’t me. So my quick clips aren’t pristine. Forgive me and enjoy the sound anyway!


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