A quick demo of Preampus Razor. I find this one to be a real thick sounding sim, very Recto-ish. Speaker sim selection is very important to get your ideal sound out of it. I went with a mix of Marshall and Orange IRs from Recabinet Modern.

The signal chain for this clip goes:

T-Racks 3 Singles Opto-Comp (my tracking compressor of choice for instruments, transparent but with pleasant enhancements to the sound nonetheless) -> GTune tuner -> GGate noise gate -> Softube Acoustic Feedback -> Preampus Metal Razor -> LePou’s LeCab -> GDuckDelay -> CSR Plate Reverb

There are a lot of sounds to be had in it but they are all quite thickly textured. I look forward to hearing others’ experiences with this amp and to seeing what else Ken has in store for us this week Smile


9 Responses to

  1. blacknoize says:

    hmm, I couldent get mine to sound anything like that sounded really thin and quiet, I didnt put a cab sim on but I was outputting direct to a proper cab anyway….

  2. geareview says:

    Wow, “thin and quiet” is pretty far from what I’ve got going on (as you can tell from the clip :)). What cabinet were you sending it to?

    Also, you might want to check out this thread over at GuitarAmpModeling’s AcmeBarGig forum, Ken goes into some detail explaining how the amp works. I didn’t realize the significance of the Drive control. I suggested to him that he include a Readme with these releases to explain some of the features that might not be so immediately intuitive.

  3. blacknoize says:

    I was using a 1×12 cab, no point using anything bigger in the house, unless I want the neighbours complaining 🙂 I only flicked through each head cranked up the gain and give it a whirl, I think the Razor and knuckle head sounded quiet and thin, maybe with a bit of tweaking I can get a better sound…

  4. geareview says:

    When I’m not virtual, I use a 4×12. Gotta have that thump!

    Luckily I can get all that thump virtually without the accompanying ROARARARARAORAOROAORAR and then the noise of sirens and eventually an eviction notice…

    Open back or closed back 1×12?

  5. blacknoize says:

    its an open cab in a small room, I play at no more than about 70db…

  6. Jason says:

    Close up the back if you want some thump. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I have a 2×12 that I closed up and like it much much better for anything rock/metal.

  7. blacknoize says:

    I have often though of that, I have the amp in a corner so I get quite a bit of reflection, I might be moving my amp into a room much larger so I might give that a go…

  8. blacknoize says:

    the speaker cone ripped out when I overloaded it a while back, managed to glue it back on with titebond, seems to be holding on…

    cant imagine that helps my tone :p

  9. blacknoize says:

    I tried the Razor and I got a completely different sound this time, the level was about 25% quieter than the other preampus heads, I used the yellow colour and increased the colour amount a bit, reduced the gain on the main part of the head and increased the power, still fees like it needs a bit more razor, and less mouthful of marshmallows, I like it though, mind you mu guitar is dropped to C tuning and my bass response seems to be a bit weak…

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