EHX Memory Boy?

I’ve been thinking about a new delay lately for my physical rig. EHX recently put out the Memory Boy – I really dig the DMM, maybe I’ll look into one of these. Demos sound good, that’s for sure, and I’ve heard it can really do some cool/out-there stuff, maybe even better than the DMM.

Thanks to ToneFactor for the demo video!

Oh, by the way, this kicks off a new page on the blog, “Cool Youtube Demos.” I’ll be posting up demo videos that I find on youtube of things I think are interesting. It’s an experimental addition to the blog so I appreciate your feedback and will be paying attention to what my readers have to say about the concept and how I’m doing it. I want to keep the Youtube demo stuff off of my original content blogroll but I don’t want to make a new blog just for linking to cool Youtube product vids. Anyway, check it out, read the idea, and leave me your thoughts, please.


6 Responses to EHX Memory Boy?

  1. blacknoize says:

    Thats a good demo, better to show what it can do rather than having someone waffeling on about it the way the reps normally do.

    After my own take on the chorus pedal I was going to venture in the analogue delay territory too…

    If you have any ideas for physical pedals drop a comment on my blog, Im kind of short of visitors 😦

  2. geareview says:

    I agree, I’ve been looking at ToneFactor’s other demos and I think they do a really good job. Frankly we can see the knobs, and none of us are idiots – not to pick on GearWire but if you watch their demos, the guy goes on and on about the packaging, the names of the controls, the manual, etc., and barely gets around to playing the thing. ToneFactor only says what you need to hear to get the pedal, and then it’s on to the sounds.

    Analog delay pedals are really interesting to me. The whole bucket-brigade delay thing is neat, tons of little capacitors carrying the charge down the line. I have always found it interesting that analog delays exhibit somewhat digital-like behavior when it comes to the rate at which they sample the incoming signal. The darker sound of analog delays isn’t just inherent in the technology, it’s necessary filtering to avoid aliasing noise very much like what you’d hear with a low sample-rate recording digitally. Cool stuff.

    Ever see the guts of that Maxon analog delay? So many trim pots, it’s a little city…

    I’ll head over to your blog and see what’s kickin’, and think about some stuff for you to look into.

  3. blacknoize says:

    The BBD chips are getting harder to get hold of these days, I think they went out of production in the early 90’s. I got a couple last week one for a small stone type chorus and another for a delay.

    The funny thing about the BBD chips is they are a hybrid of analog and digital, They are analog along the amplitude axis, and digital along the time axis. The darker sound is like you said an artifact of the switching noise from each stage which must be filtered.

    Its funny looking inside old pedals sometimes they look terrible other times there amazingly well built, I suppose it depends on how well they have been looked after…

  4. geareview says:

    I was always under the impression that they are only “digital-like” along the time axis, in that the discharge of the capacitors doesn’t really occur in delimited binary states but that it might as well. Sort of like how analog computers can simulate digital computing by defining any voltage within X of 100 as 1 and any voltage withing Y of zero as 0… Or something like that, without actually being digital.

    I read a lot on this stuff some years ago but it’s quite hazy now, please correct me rather than letting me go on with a lot of nonsense 🙂

  5. blacknoize says:

    Yep, the value of the capacitor is released in a digital fashion but stored as an analogue value, the BBD chip itself is analogue but the chip controlling the timing of it is digital, some of the later BBDs’ had the chip producing the pulses built in too…

    heres an Maxon Delay to drool at… 🙂
    Vintage Ibanez AD-9 Guts

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