Free PodFarm for iLok and many Line6 product users – Available September only, get while the gettin’s good!

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Here’s a link to the offer page, if you’ve got an iLok this would be a great chance to get something free that you might like a lot. The offer is valid for the month of September, which, to clear up any confusion, only means that you have until the end of September to get the license on your iLok. It never expires, it is the full Pod Farm Standard product and it’s yours to keep. But you’ve got a month to get on board.

This is Pod Farm Standard. No model packs or what have you. Preliminary digging suggests that the only available upgrade for it is an upgrade to Pod Farm Platinum for $200, but the Silver package is pretty substantial anyway, and “free” is a really good price.

Included in Pod Farm Standard:

18 Guitar Amps
24 Guitar Cabs
5 Bass Amps
5 Bass Cabs
29 Stompboxes and Studio Effects
6 Mic Preamps
Dual-Tone functionality

See a detailed list of models here

Again, not bad for free, eh? iLok users, go go go.

There is a list of Line6 products that qualify users for this promotion – I know it includes the Pod XT and above, but does not include the Pod 2, or the Spider amps, but you’ll have to browse around the promotional part of the Line6 site for details.


7 Responses to Free PodFarm for iLok and many Line6 product users – Available September only, get while the gettin’s good!

  1. blacknoize says:

    I think you want to do a quick whistle stop tour of Pod Farm with samples, go on you know you want to…

  2. geareview says:

    I can cook up a few samples of what you’d get with Pod Farm Standard. That might help people who don’t know whether it’s worth the trouble, or if they don’t have an iLok this could tell ’em what they’re missing and give them something to think about maybe.

    Frankly I think this would be worth buying an iLok for… and it would let you have that door open in the future. iLok for all the fears that some people have about them are extremely handy, in my experience. I used to be very, very wary about the whole thing but I’m glad I changed my mind, it’s turned out to be very useful. I wish all my software were iLok’d.

  3. bduffy says:

    Wow, I just paid $99 for the iLok Pod Farm a week ago, so it wasn’t dependant upon my X3 being hooked up, which is a little absurd, since it’s a “Live” tool anyway. This kind of sucks.

  4. geareview says:

    That is the unfortunate thing about promos… There are always people who just invested in the full-priced thing, and to them it’s naturally quite bitter to see others getting what they paid for, for free.

    Sorry to hear that, man. Maybe you can return it and take advantage of the offer, if that’s legal?

  5. blacknoize says:

    You think its defiantly worth dropping $50 on an iLok then to get this free?

  6. blacknoize says:

    it says you get 42 amps on the iLok purchace page but this looks like you only get 18?

  7. geareview says:

    Yeah, I don’t know where they get the 42 number. If you add up the guitar amps, the bass amps and the mic preamps that’s 29. If you add the effects to those (as companies sometimes do to report “number of models”) it’s nearly 60. So I don’t know what they’re saying.

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