Guitar Rig 4

In an unconventional semi-announcement, the packaging of Komplete 6 indicates that Guitar Rig 4 is on the horizon. And in addition to that, Native’s Guitar Rig page has been updated with Guitar Rig 4 info as well. Here’s a screen shot of Guitar Rig 4 with some of its three new Marshall-inspired amps on display. Note the changes in general visual style, it’s softer and more dimensional in appearance.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Native Instruments Official Guitar Rig 4 Pro page

So, three new amps, four new effects, and a brand new cabinet sim that is supposed to be “revolutionary” – I’m looking forward to checking this out. The cabinet sim is especially intriguing, I have long felt that if Native Instruments could get their cabinet simulation on the same level of quality as their effects, they’d have a very strong product – it looks like they’re taking cabs very seriously now, judging by the screen shots and what description there is on the site.

Very interesting indeed. Busy news day!


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