New promotion from IK – Amplitube family group buy!

On the heels of their unimaginably successful and awesome T-Racks 3 Singles group buy promotion, where everybody cool got like 6 plugins for the price of one, they’ve decided to continue the magnanimity by offering a group-buy for Amplitube products. This one runs from now until the 31st of October; it starts with a buy-one-get-one-free promotion, and if 2000 users hop on board, it becomes buy-one-get-TWO-free.

Here’s a link to the promotion page!

As you guys know I make a lot of my demo clips for various pedals, etc. using Amplitube’s family of products. X-Gear is sort of my go-to plugin in the studio for recording hardware demos for two reasons:

1. Because it models the THD Bivalve and my favorite real amp in my collection is the THD Univalve, I have a patch that sounds pretty much indistinguishable from the real thing so I can take the settings on pedals that I love into my physical setup and it translates really well to the virtual setup, and…

2. … because Amplitube Fender gives me access to what are unarguably the highest quality Fender models in any software currently available and nearly every guitarist knows what a Fender sounds like so it makes it easy to make a demo that people will “get.” I like doing high-gain pedal demos into Amplitube Fender’s Twin Reissue, because if a high-gain pedal can make a Fender Twin sound brutal, it does its job well.

So I can vouch for their quality, and of course you’ve probably heard the clips on the site. There are dozens, at this point… Every pedal demo I’ve recorded counts, too. These group buys tend to really take off; the T-Racks 3 Singles one hit over 5,000 users, which is really just unprecedented. This can be a good opportunity to get a whole bunch of software for a remarkable price.

Alright, off I go to try to use IKMM’s web site’s “share” function to try to post the promotion press release to the blog, if my blog explodes it’s been absolutely wonderful knowing you all! 😀

Edit: It turns out the “Share” thing just makes a link, which isn’t very exciting and I could totally do that on my own.


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