Working on a Metal Amp Room clip right now, stay tuned ladies and gents :)

Just wanted to let you guys know I’m not asleep at the wheel, here, I’ve got the drum track done and solid, now I’m to recording the guitar parts. Metal Amp Room is pretty damned rad, though. The two cabinets are well chosen, providing contrast without sticking out from one-another; I plan to demonstrate that by quad-tracking (hey, it’s metal, right?) and using one take with each cabinet on each side. The amp itself is, as you would expect from Softube, very authentic and high-quality. Their software is among the most expensive as far as price-to-gear-modeled ratio, but I really can’t argue with the sound quality. Whether it’s worth it to you is a determination you have to make for yourself. My review of the Amp Room bundle should go live on FrugalGuitarist on Monday, so you’ll see all I’ve got to say about it then – for now I’ll leave it at this, and get back to working on this Metal Amp Room clip for y’all.

I am such a southerner, who says “y’all” on a blog?



6 Responses to Working on a Metal Amp Room clip right now, stay tuned ladies and gents :)

  1. blacknoize says:

    aww I prefer the stuff you leave on the blog, dont know why, looking forward to this one.

  2. geareview says:

    You don’t like my FrugalGuitarist reviews? Why not, they’re free for everyone to see too, and it’s at least partly through my association with FrugalGuitarist that I’m able to get cool stuff for the blog in the first place 🙂 Will, my editor, is a great guy and he’s been excellent to work with as a writer.

    Anyway I try to make sure that I’ve got my blog content and my Frugal content separately though often complimentary to one another. May I ask what you don’t like about how I do it? I would like to understand if you don’t mind explaining.

  3. blacknoize says:

    Its not that I dont like your reviews I do, I suppose its was just the way its layed out(The site not you reviews), and I dont think I knew which were your reviews either…

    I have nothing against that site its just not one that I come back to often unless I do a search and one of the hits is that site…

  4. blacknoize says:

    The site isnt working either so im going from memory…

  5. geareview says:

    D’oh, it looks like it is indeed down right now. And Will’s out of town ’til Monday so it’ll probably stay down all weekend. Ack.

    Well, I really do appreciate you coming back to this site 🙂 I’m glad I’m making something that people find useful and current, enough to come back for more. As I said I’ve really enjoyed my association with Frugal and it will continue, but I do understand “feeling” a blog more than a site. Still give it a fair shake, it’s a good site and we try to provide good content there. My reviews are all “Review By Jeff Baker,” (my name, obviously :D) and I usually link to them here on my blog.

    Anyway, it’ll likely be tomorrow before I can post this – I ended up crashing and taking a 4 hour nap on accident and it’s too late to mix stuff right now, my wife needs her sleep too.

  6. blacknoize says:

    I did enjoy an article that I believe Will wrote on getting a good high gain sound out of the GT10, I will have a look when the sites back up, certain sites suit certain people thats all.

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