This was supposed to be Softube Metal Amp Room, but then LePou released a new amp modeler: “HyBrit,” a multi-Marshall simulator!

Seriously, this drum track was intended for Metal Amp Room. And, uh, probably will still be used for my Metal Amp Room demo. Which is cheesy, I know, but it takes awhile to get the drum track right and I’m digging this one… I can come up with something else cool to play over it 🙂 I wasn’t going to do any more recording tonight but then LePou released a new amp modeler and it wasn’t about what I wanted anymore, you guys have to hear this thing!

Here’s the release thread at GuitarAmpModeling, and here’s LePou’s blog. How does it sound? Little something like this:

But that’s just the high-gain side. And just one sound the high-gain side can do, much like SoloC this is a highly flexible plugin that will fill a lot of needs in the studio. It’s a two-channel plugin with blendable Normal and Treble inputs for the first, Plexi-inspired channel, and a built-in boost switchable for the second channel, which is based on a JCM. He actually started this plugin before SoloC, but ended up abandoning it to work on SoloC once he had learned what he wanted to learn. Well, when SoloC and LeCab were released, he decided to revisit the code and gave it a total overhaul, added some great features, and now we have a killer freeware Marshall sim 😀


6 Responses to This was supposed to be Softube Metal Amp Room, but then LePou released a new amp modeler: “HyBrit,” a multi-Marshall simulator!

  1. blacknoize says:

    Thats got a nice sound, much better than the Razor which had a similar feel, I will have to download it!

    To be honest I always go back to a Marshall derivative, I did fancy trying out that amp farm to see what the model perform like in that too…

  2. blacknoize says:

    I fancy getting a tindeck account and posting some of my stuff on my blog, it was supposed to be about fx but i reckon its going to spread into vst stuff, not that i plan or writing any, I have enough programming at work!

    What did you do the drum track in by the way, I struggle with drum tracks being a non drummer I rely on the patterns you get with the VSTI’s Superior Drummer does have a very nice sound to it.

  3. geareview says:

    That’s EZdrummer, DrumKitFromHell expansion, with grooves based on some from the GrooveMonkee libraries. I always muck around with the drum track, but they have done a great job with those libraries and combined with the stock EZdrummer and expansion grooves I rarely have to program my own drum track (which is good, because that takes forever and isn’t rewarding to me).

    I did start my musical life as a drummer so I have no problem making drum tracks when I need to, but I’m glad I rarely have to. It’s just so tedious! One of these days I’ll be able to afford an electric drum kit and I’ll wire it in to a midi interface so I can record my own drum tracks, I’d love to do that.

  4. blacknoize says:

    I got superior and dfh, have to check out the groove monkey stuff, cant seem to put the drums in context with the guitar, I normally just write a riff and have to find a beat that fits, could do with an automagic plugin that just generates it…

  5. blacknoize says:

    Going back to the plug-in…

    I found the treble to be lacking a certain something, this was listening with headphones which I would of expected to show the treble off, I find this with a fair few plug-ins, its either too harsh or fluffy.

    What sort of headphones do you monitor with, I’m looking to get some decent ones for some night time recording…

  6. geareview says:

    I use Sennheiser HD-650. They’re pricey, but excellent. However I prefer to use them when listening to music, watching movies, gaming much more than when mixing. For mixing you might consider the AKG K-701 (or, if money is a concern, the AKG K-601). They’re very flat, have a good, wide sound-stage (important especially for headphones, it’s hard to mix when the sound seems to be coming from inside your head), and are quite comfortable for long sessions.

    My HD-650 are my beloved headphones and I enjoy their sound immensely, but I don’t recommend them for recording and mixing aggressive material.

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