New From Ken: AcmeBarGig Series 60

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AcmeBarGig Series 60 Release Page with Download!

Ken was kind enough to get me a copy of Series 60 a bit before he released it so I could check it out, and I think this is the best one yet. It has tons of range. The key to getting the most out of this one is understanding how the Drive Amp section works – it’s an extremely powerful tone shaper. It has different “color” selections which reflect different drive profiles, and the EQ section on it is incredibly important. In the following clip, I leave the settings on the main amp itself as the screenshot above shows; all that I change are the Drive Amp EQ settings. They start at zero/zero/zero, then I turn up the bass and treble but leave the mids at zero (don’t fret, it isn’t a massively scooped sound at all, remember this is shaping the drive); after that I turn the midrange up more. The midrange has a determining role in how much distortion and compression you end up with, so as I turn it up the sound gets heavier. However, by a little over half-way through the clip I have stopped adjusting anything, and from then on it’s just playing dynamics to get different sounds.

I really like the tones that you can get from this with less than intense amounts of gain going on. It’s really dynamic, and with the Drive Amp midrange before 1/5 or so and the Drive Amp Treble and Bass at noon (again, not a scooped sound) there are some great shred tones to be had. It gets pretty saturated at high levels of distortion, for sure, even into super fuzz territory if you set the EQ on Drive Amp and on the amp itself to extreme territory.

The cabinet sim is LePou’s LeCab 1.10. The default IRs that come with LeCab sound great with this amp, and were what I used, so you can get this sound yourself without spending any money at all if you please.

I apologize for the brief bit of cutting out at the start, I had some noise gate trouble that I didn’t catch ’til after the recording and I couldn’t adjust it without re-recording the whole thing or going neck-deep in automation to try to get the Drive Amp settings where I had them. Ah, the perils of live rendering.

This is a great freebie and I highly recommend it. You’ll be surprised at the range of sounds you can get. I’ll update this post tomorrow once he has the link up.

P.S. – Word of caution, Ken informed KVR and others that this amp would have 8,000 watts of power if it were real. Incidentally it has enough volume output that it seems to have 8,000 watts of power in the DAW, too. Keep the Master volume really, really low or you could explode your head. Not even kidding.


7 Responses to New From Ken: AcmeBarGig Series 60

  1. Ken McLaren says:

    EXPLODING HEADS SUCK! So yes do keep the level down…Just a side note for your readers while I’m here…The reason this amp has so much power amp output, like why I did not edit it to be lower is so that you can get enough volume level from the power amp to almost turn the gain off, this will allow you to get a natural warm tube clean sound..Yes it has clean tones too!..

    You have to be proactive with the master volume on this has an enormous amount of power, the strongest amp of the entire series. Just like the real world Detroit Diesel Series 60 515 Horse power Diesel engine. One word can describe them…POWER…

    So enjoy but don’t explode your head!

  2. Ken McLaren says:

    Also thanks AGREED for doing this review..

  3. Dave Thomas says:

    Hi there, Im over on blogger now, wasnt happy with wordpress, hope you come and visit…

  4. geareview says:

    I will – out of curiosity, what didn’t you like about WordPress?

  5. Dave Thomas says:

    well my wife has a just set up a blog on blogger and she got features that I could only get by paying a fee(full css edit and save), so I though I would move while I only had a few posts. I feel that the google hosted blog will be get better hits as they get searched via google blogs more than the internal worpress searches…

  6. geareview says:

    Interesting. I’ve had a lot of traffic but that is curious, is there an easy way to import my full blog if I want to, say, have a mirror on blogger?

  7. Dave Thomas says:

    Im not sure, I just cut and paste mine as I only had 6 entries, Im happier at blogger but need some more visitors, I need to write a bit more up there, might do some reviews too! 😮

    By the way have heard anything good on the AKG 271 MKII headphones, I was thinking of going for those or the 601’s cant justify the price of the 701s…

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