Sorry for the no-content week – explanation and plans for the immediate future:

I’ve just had a really silly week. Some of it was finishing some reviews for, some of it was adjusting to some new medicines, some of it is having had the bad sense to buy a videogame that’s really fun, and some of it was trying to get some metric data for low-content periods with the new additions (the kind of thing a blogger likes to know but his readers don’t care about, I’m sure). I did find as expected that I more than doubled my no-content-day page views by adding the new sections – people are really loving them and coming to see ’em, and downloading a lot of the plugins! That’ll get even better, I’m sure, when I format the list properly.

The immediate things-to-do list includes the following:

1. Reformat the freeware VST list into something that makes it easy for the reader to quickly find the kind of plugin they’re interested in. I’ll also add a few that I forgot when I do this, including some great delays.

2. Ditch the current home-page since the initial plan for the blog has been ultimately ditched in favor of how it works now, with a lot of free-flowing content as I feel like putting it up, with some really focused periods where I examine this or that product or line, commercial or freeware. As such the Home page no longer accurately describes what I’m doing here, and so I need to re-write it. I also need to update the software list, because within a few days’ time I should be getting a box with Guitar Rig 4 in it to check out.

3. Guitar Rig 4 – lots of folks are curious about what’s up with this new product, now called Guitar Rig 4 Pro (pro, if you are curious, is the software naming equivalent of an amplifier which goes to eleven, I think). I intend to dig deep into its new features, as well as evaluate the existing sounds to see if they’ve been changed, improved upon, left the same, or what. I for one am especially curious about the Control Room cabinet simulation; they’ve been trying very hard to do cab sims right, with Guitar Rig 3’s Matched Cab function being their most recent effort ’til now… This new approach looks very different, as though perhaps they’ve abandoned the old cab modeling technology altogether and are going with a new thing. That would be A Good Thing, since GR3’s cabs remain the sticking point of difficulty when it comes to dialing in realistic tones quickly. Anyway, expect thorough evaluation and commentary on this, as a tie-in to a review I’ll be doing for FrugalGuitarist. (I recently had a faithful long-time reader remark that he likes it better when I just do stuff on the blog, but Will, my editor at Frugal, is a great guy and I love being a part of the site so I’m going to continue doing what I can to make sure it stays just as relevant and up-to-date with gear as my blog does; Will and I both do our parts to keep the site exciting and I will continue to do that no matter how my blog goes – hopefully you guys understand my love for both of these sites, and why I do each, since they give me different kinds of creative outlets…)

4. Encourage my readers to take advantage of the recently added Suggestion Box tab. Leave me suggestions, how else will I know what’s up?

Alright, that concludes that – next week will be back to business as usual here. Sorry for the dead week, let’s make the next one particularly lively to make up for it!


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