Going to be busy for a day or two, working on a track for a guy as part of a project

However, I was notified that my Guitar Rig 4 should ship soon. As soon as it does, expect a week-long intensive exploration of the software, with each day representing a different integral topic. I’ve been meaning to do something like that for the various programs in my litany of software, and it might not be a bad idea – spend at least 4 days exploring and explaining the sorts of creative avenues available with programs. Readers, what say you?

We’ll see how it goes with Guitar Rig 4 – that’ll be my “pilot” effort, and if it turns out well then I’ll go deep with the concept. I already did something like that when I broke Amplitube Fender back in… when was that, March? But this is going to be more focused than that.

I’ll let you guys know as soon as it gets in, and when I’m done recording this track for the gentleman I’m working with I’ll put up a cool update to make up for my divided attention at the moment. As always I thank you, my faithful readers, for coming by and keeping an eye on the blog. I’m very grateful for all the attention that it gets and for you guys spending some time out of your day to see what I’m up to. It means a lot to me and keeps me dedicated and energized. All for you, folks! šŸ™‚


4 Responses to Going to be busy for a day or two, working on a track for a guy as part of a project

  1. Dave Thomas says:

    what kind of stuff are you working on?

    I fancy doing some on-line collaborations.


  2. Dave Thomas says:

    The thing about spending 4 or 5 posts on Guitar Rig is that its very expensive and I would probably never buy it, thats not to say that I wouldnt tlike reading about it šŸ™‚

    A suggestion would be to compare something it can do with the best efforts of the free vsts that are kicking about, the quality of some of the new stuff is amazing, I guess this should have gone to the suggestion box but I didnt want to lose the context…

  3. geareview says:

    Just contributing a couple tracks to someone’s project, a rhythm part and a solo šŸ™‚ Nothing too intense but as a remote collaboration it can be a hassle and time-consuming since there’s lag time between us discussing the current version and getting each other the parts.

    All I’ve got left to do now is record the solo, which I’m about to do after posting this comment.

    Oh, also, I understand that not everyone is going to get a lot out of me spending a week exploring Guitar Rig 4, but I’ve found that I get tons of traffic when I go in-depth on recently released commercial products so I know there are a lot of folks out there who are curious and want to see more comprehensively what they can do as part of their decision process. I try to split my effort between commercial stuff and freeware, just whatever’s currently on the scene. There’s a lot to cover and I try to make sure that I get to all the good stuff, at least.

  4. Dave Thomas says:

    what are you using to track it, google analytics?

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