Updated methodology for Guitar Rig 3 vs. Guitar Rig 4 clips

Blog reader James pointed out in a comment on my last post something that I think is pretty important. With just two clips, it’s not possible to tell how much of the sound difference is due to updates to the matched cabinets and how much is due to amp model improvements.

That’s not to say two clips are useless – on the one hand, if the end result is that Guitar Rig 4 at the same settings with the same matched cabinet adjustments sounds better, that alone is a salient fact and a mark in GR4’s favor. But on the other hand I’m sure like him some of you guys are curious to see just what the amp models themselves are doing differently. I know I am.

To that end I will instead be doing THREE clips for each GR3 vs. GR4 clip. First, GR3’s amp + matched cab, then GR3’s amp + GR4’s matched cab, then GR4 into its matched cab. I will also, on suggestion from a KVR poster, take screen shots of the settings I use on the amps too so that you guys can verify that I’ve got them adjusted identically.

A new set of clips with the new method is coming now for Vox (uploading to my host as I am posting this and I will make a new post shortly). Then I think I will sack it out, ’cause I am pooped, long day! But tomorrow I’ll try to do many of the comparisons, I think they’ll be interesting and informative. My experiences so far tell me that they have DEFINITELY either gone back and updated the old models, or changed their sound engine itself enough that it’s improved the sounds all around. But this experimentally improved, methodical testing should make it easier to understand exactly how things have changed. Thanks James for pointing it out!


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