Of Mice and Bassmen

Well, actually there’s nothing to do with mice. But there is something about spring reverb.

First, screenshots so you can see that I have settings-matched… Except as you can see the bass knobs don’t match. They did when I recorded it, but then I kind of fiddled with it just to see how it would sound, BEFORE I took screenshots. So take my word for it that the bass knobs are matched in the recordings, and were both set like Guitar Rig 4’s screenshot. Sorry about the pictured discrepancy.

Guitar Rig 3

Guitar Rig 4

Now, the clips. I start with single coil bridge, then switch to bridge humbucker and play some stuff trying to see how well it responds to dynamics and how the spring reverb performs.

Guitar Rig 3’s Tweedman (Bassman model), GR3’s Spring Reverb module into GR3’s own matched cab:

Guitar Rig 3’s Tweedman with GR3’s Spring Reverb module into Guitar Rig 4’s matched cab:

Guitar Rig 4’s Tweedman, Spring Reverb, and Matched Cab:

I still don’t think the Guitar Rig spring reverb is all that awesome. It gets the job done but in my opinion it’s a bit artificial when it’s high in the mix. It would take some careful trickery to pull off authentic surf rock drippy reverb. Maybe use Guitar Rig’s signal splitter and use a light chorus to modulate just the output of the Reverb, mixing it back in? I don’t know, I’ll give that a shot later and see what I think.


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