Might not have a new clip today because I’m working on a more complex idea:

I’m working on a sort of ambient wash song idea right now that takes advantage of Rig Kontrol’s switching to have several effects triggered either individually or all at once, and Guitar Rig’s frequency splitter to run the lows into an Orange and the midrange and highs into a Marshall. There’s a wah in there too but that’s less cool I guess. Here’s what the signal chain looks like, it’ll take me some time to get the recording done since I’ve gotta program a drum track and all that too but I think it’s going to sound awesome when it’s done, the tone of the Orange/Marshall hybrid sound is badass. All the guts and growl of an Orange with all the midrange roar and treble of a Marshall. Very cool. Who knows if the track will be done to post today or not, might take until tomorrow…

That Psychdelay is basically doing the Eventide Crystals thing with a twist, the others are more textural effects. This same patch will take care of the rhythm, the ambient swells and washes of the track, and the lead, and they will all sound different. I’m using the same guitar for all of them, coil tapping it for SC sounds for the lower-gain needs. But the patch itself won’t change except for the switching, so cleans are just going to be me rolling the volume knob on the guitar back. Very cool stuff how it all works now, big steps up from GR3.


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