Peavey announces ReValver MkIII.V

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Peavey’s official announcement page

Looks like ReValver will be getting a much needed upgrade, including 9 new amps and effects. The announcement page says nothing about whether this will in fact be an upgrade available to existing customers, but does note that it will be available for sale in Q2 of this year. I would hope that ReValver owners can get this as a patch, especially if it fixes some of the long-standing bugs in the software. ReValver is an excellent program at its core with great sound quality and amazing flexibility and tweakability, but support apart from the RTAS change has been rather lacking since its release back in 2008. Here’s hoping Peavey is able to right the ship on this software and bring it back into competition with the other big guys – the programmer for ReValver (Michael of Alien Connections software before being brought into the Peavey fold) is a very, very smart guy and I’d love to see his work meet with further success and attention.

4 Responses to Peavey announces ReValver MkIII.V

  1. Will Chen says:

    Very excited about this. Also worth mentioning this version goes with a native 64 bit install (in adition to the 32 bit) and their partnership with MUSE research offering a Receptor model geared towards guitarists bundled with Revalver MK III.

  2. geareview says:

    Oh, cool, I missed the 64-bit iteration. Right now the only amp modeler I use which is natively in 64-bit is Guitar Rig 4. It has substantial performance benefits over the 32-bit version of the plugin bridged (but some of that is the 32-bit emulation overhead). I know ReValver’s internal HQ/Render mode is natively 64-bit and has been forever, but the fact that it changes the sound on mixdown has made it sort of a not-so-good-thing for the product’s life so far, because you can have a sound dialed in just right and then the added precision and oversampling all of a sudden changes the high frequency behavior and phase a bit.

    Looking forward to it even more now.

  3. Dave Thomas says:

    I never noticed the difference between the 32/64 bit mixtime on Revalver MkIII to be honest…

    looking forward to the new revalver, hopefully it will be less grainy…

  4. geareview says:

    Dave, good to see you back around 🙂 I’m really waiting for the other shoe to drop on whether it’s a free upgrade to existing Revalver users or whether it costs money for everyone. Over at KVR, even the Revalver support guy who posts there isn’t sure. I think it’d be a bit of a misstep on Peavey’s part not to offer it to existing customers, given that for the majority of users there’s been nothing substantial from them since the program’s release (after all, what does it mean to a VST user when a version is available in RTAS, when the VST user has been dealing with show-stopper crash bugs since release?)

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