Well, the AT3 Demo is up for ALL to download! Go get it!

February 26, 2010


Have fun 🙂 Report back what you think?

Got a review copy of Amplitube 3! I think they’ve knocked this one out of the park…

February 25, 2010

Got a copy of this in for review today. I have spent some quality time with it already but I want to spend more before I say too much on it. Initial impressions are very strongly positive. I love some of the new additions; I played for at least half an hour with the new resonance filter. I remember a similar filter used as a sort of sitar simulator in the Korg AX series of multieffects units, but this one is far more advanced than those units could do, and sounds much better. My wife was really enjoying the ambient textured sound that it gave, even though the guitar tone itself was distinctly high gain (using the new Mk. III model, which is great – if you’ve got a pre-release copy and haven’t yet given it a shot, I recommend spending some time with it; like the real deal, you may not get your tone at first, but it rewards learning how to adjust it with great sounds). I could get an almost cello-like sound using its combination of sympathetic resonance and filters.

I’ll be happy to fill any clip requests that people have, though of course Dimitar Nalbantov’s already on the job with some nice Youtube clips, hopefully I can still contribute usefully. I’m no virtuoso like him, but I will be happy to do try to do something cool with the software if you’re wondering about a particular aspect of it. I plan on doing some clips of the new effects and some other things that I worry will be overlooked given the focus a lot of people have on the new and improved amp models and the new, impressive room and cabinet modeling system. There’s plenty of layers of cool stuff in the software 🙂

Let me know what you want to hear and I’ll fill requests!