Filling some clip requests today. First, Opeth.

March 11, 2010

Here’s one I did on request at the SA Musicians Lounge forum, just trying to get close to Opeth’s high-gain sound from the track Master’s Apprentices.

I could get even closer if I did some studio magic post processing (and, really, it would still be fair since the engineer on their Deliverance album is a legendary metal producer with an enormous bag of tricks), but I wanted this to just be the sound of the software alone and see how close I could get.

If you want to mess around with the patch, be my guest:


On second listen, I think the first Master’s Apprentices is a bit too roomy. Got a bit of phase to it that I’m not digging. Try this one instead:

And the new patch:


Review of AmpliTube 3 published over at, check it out!

March 1, 2010

Alright, my review (I believe the first in the press, in fact) has been published, have a read here if you’re interested. Now to record some clips to show off what it can do. If there are any requests, I’ll be happy to fill them, otherwise it’ll just be up to my imagination. If you have anything you’re curious about, now’s the time to have your say and I’ll try to accommodate anything!