Man, talk about slow lately! Have some news.

There has been some news, though, and I wanted to share it with you guys. This will be a minor post, because soon I intend to do a “state of Freeware” update that includes a more comprehensive look at recent additions to the freeware landscape that would be of interest to guitarists, bassists, and cellists. Well, okay, I don’t know if any cellists are into amp modeling, that part was an exaggeration.

First, Guitar Rig 4 has been OFFICIALLY UPDATED! Fireworks, etc.! Go to your NI User Area to download the official version of an update that has for months been parked in the beta stage, and you can be the proud user of the Cool Plex among other things. I know Amplitube 3 has somewhat overshadowed GR4, given the direction it took and GR4’s comparatively minor additions, but as I will relate in an upcoming review (now that the official version is finally out) Guitar Rig 4 is still a valuable tool to have with features that no other company has matched. Amplitube 3’s amps still sound better, not really debatable! But Guitar Rig 4 brings a lot to the table. And if you’re a user, you probably want that update. You know the drill, go to your Native Instruments user area and there it will be.

Second, wonder of wonders, it appears ReValver Mk3 is actually going to be getting updated. Not to RTAS, I mean bug fixes. There are some pretty nasty ones, as many customers know, so this is a very welcome (very, very welcome) acknowledgment and commitment from the gentleman working on ReValver.  How it’s going to be done is kind of interesting; there will be periodic beta updates, good for a month each (why this limitation is in place I don’t know), which will overwrite each other and reset the timer as he releases and you install them. Then finally the full update will be released. This approach allows him the flexibility of the time he needs to squash the (many) bugs in ReValver Mk3, marring an excellent sounding product, but still push fixes to the user base who have been near frothing with rage over said bugs’ lack of official attention since launch. He’s doing it all on the Peavey ReValver forums. More info here. I am not sure yet whether this update will culminate in users of MkIII becoming users of the recently announced Mk3.5 with its new amps and stuff, but if I had to guess I would guess… no. Speculation on my part for now, I’ll update if I get concrete info.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more and a special post dedicated to exploring the state of the freeware scene.


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