IK Multimedia Introduces Amplitube… iPhone?

The full cost for it will be $40 for the hardware, and $20 for the full version of the software. I imagine it could be useful as an Amplitube-powered practice rig on the go. I don’t have an iPhone so it’s not going to be something I pick up, any readers with an iPhone have any thoughts on it? The demo’s sounds are good, I guess the iPhone is powerful enough to run the limited signal chain that it has available. For my portable practice amp needs I use a Vox DA5, and it does the trick, though it costs about three times what the Amplitube software and hardware for the iPhone does. Though to get loud, you’ll need an external powered speaker of some sort, which could get pricey if you’re trying to find something high quality enough to take advantage of the sounds it can put out.

It’s definitely simplified from Amplitube software on a PC (as it would have to be, with the huge difference in processing power). Not sure what to think!

I dunno, this is an interesting development but I am not personally even able to check it out, so I’ll leave it to you guys I guess šŸ˜€


3 Responses to IK Multimedia Introduces Amplitube… iPhone?

  1. Bishop666 says:

    Time to say thanks to Agreed!

    Thanks for your blog, ideas, advice, testing, comments…

    Learned alot and it made life much easier! Hope you keep on the good work. šŸ™‚

  2. geareview says:

    Bishop666, that means a lot to me. Thanks, very much. I definitely am going to keep it up; I haven’t updated the blog lately because I haven’t had a lot to put on it, but I routinely go through and make sure it’s spam-free and all that. I’ll have more coming up, I just got a few neat plugins that might fall under the blog’s side of things. And it’s been a really long time since I’ve done a comparison, maybe I could put something together. You never know. Hah, I never know!

  3. Steve says:

    I’m using the Guitar Rig 4 and Amplitube 3 right now,,, and I want to you teh Rig Kontrol for the Amplitube,,, everything works, eccept I cannt make the wah pedal to work,,,, please help….
    thanks Agreed

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