Wampler and… LePou??!

Oh, wow, one of my very favorite freeware software programmers, a gent who goes by the handle LePou and who has, for free, made some of the best sounding amp modeler plugins out there (in addition to a really cool dual IR loader with features specifically aimed at cabinet simulation) apparently has been working with Brian and the product is a digital emulation of the Cranked AC. It’s free, I tried it, it sounds awesome. I don’t have a Cranked AC to A/B it with, but it definitely has the same kind of “amp in a box” character that the Black ’65 and the Plexidrive (the two most comparable in the range of their gain that I actually own) do.

Here’s a pic of the plugin’s GUI, note that it has options for how much oversampling it does (from 2x to 8x), as well as mono or stereo operation. This shot was from the previously, and erroneously uploaded Alpha version, the final version is now up 🙂


2 Responses to Wampler and… LePou??!

  1. geareview says:

    Welcome to the blog, Brian, thanks for confirmation that the current version is the correct one. 🙂

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