Wampler Plexidrive quick demo

I hope you’ll forgive a slight bit of beating now and again with these demo clips. I recently put new strings on and they haven’t quite stretched out, plus the gauge is lighter than previously and I haven’t had a chance to adjust the intonation. As such there is some beating, particularly with anything involving a barre. Part of it is me adjusting to an unfamiliar feel on my main demo guitar. I may take them off and put the old string gauge on anyway, haven’t made up my mind yet!

Wampler Plexidrive

Here’s a clip of the Wampler Plexidrive on its own. First I show the clean sound, then I get into the clip, starting on a setting I use as my preferred sound for the pedal but then tweaking the controls quite a bit as I go along to try to show some of its range. I didn’t cover the full range of the gain or tone knobs, but I did mess around with them quite a bit and I did click the switch on and off (affects the bass, but it also alters the sound overall as you’d expect). If you prefer a darker JTM sound, you can definitely get it; I guess I tend a little towards more forward upper midrange and treble. Still, I hope that the adjustments I make to it do show that it has range, because it definitely does and it’d be a bad demo if you came away thinking it was only capable of bright. I end it with a little bit of wanky silly lead with the gain set lower, because I think it has a nice responsiveness even with the gain down and I wanted to show that it can liven up when you dig into the strings a bit. If it couldn’t do that, wouldn’t rightly be called a JTM45-in-a-box style pedal!

And here’s a clip of it boosted by the Paul Cochrane Tim pedal. My Tim has toggles and I run it asymmetrical, but for this clip I set it to the “pushed-in” setting for its symmetrical clipping since not every Tim has toggles to get the asymmetrical option. This clip is kind of boring I guess, I just play something a time or two with the Plexidrive on its own, then I play something similar to it with the Tim on set for a slight gain boost, then I kick on the Boost footswitch (with the controls set aggressively, for a Tim) so it really kicks in. This clip has a bit where I kind of crib Link Wray’s “Rumble” and you can really hear the beating I was referring to earlier. Sorry. If I had my right angle screwdriver I could fix that with no hassle… but I still need to let the strings get fully stretched and actually decide whether I want to stick with this lighter gauge or go back to my 10-52 usual setup. Anyway, clip:

It sounds really good boosted by any of the overdrive pedals I’ve got. It sounds lovely with a fuzz up front, too. Versatile. I dig it.


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