I have an amp, in a pipe. It rocks.

Indeed, I have a

FuzzHugger Pipe Amp!

It is an amp in a pipe, powered by a 9V battery. Two modes, OD and Fuzz. It can be used to fend off an attack by a smaller pipe (or a similarly sized pipe moving at a sufficiently slow velocity) if necessary as it is very durable.

The Fuzz mode has a really cool, tight gating action with a wide-open heavy fuzz sound. Inspires me to a kind of old-school play style, helps me make my notes count and keep in mind how my guitar’s sustain really behaves. I’ve got quite a few fuzzes but this is the only thing in my whole collection that is gated like that, so it’s a really fun toy to play around with. Maybe less exciting for people who have tons of gated high-gain fuzzes (or just one they love, that’s okay too), but I dig it a lot, and the actual sound of it is awesome.

Don’t discount the pipe enclosure; yeah, it’s aimed at making it rugged, but the chamber (and the “wave guide” surround of the speaker) fattens up the right frequencies to make that 3″ speaker sound way bigger than it has any right to, especially considering that it’s all powered by a single 9V. No bottoming out and getting all farty and over-extended. It kind of reminds me of some magic that a college friend was able to work with folded horn designs powered by 3″ speakers; put it in the right enclosure and that 3″ speaker can pump out a full frequency at surprising volumes. Of course the Pipe Amp is a lot less complex in its physical construction than a folded horn speaker enclosure, but the same acoustic principles of the enclosure having a lot to do with the sound apply, and this has a very nice response that surprises you given the compactness of it and everything.

The Overdrive mode is fine, I mean, it’s characteristic for a small practice amp and sounds good enough to do your thing on the go, but the Fuzz mode is where it’s at. It has a really unique sound and feel; I’m going to find my mic stand and try to show how this thing can sound.

Costs $95 for now and is way cooler than any other practice amp ever. Tom, the guy behind FuzzHugger (who is a really cool dude, by the way), describes the target audience for this product as follows:

That about sums it up. I have a Pipe Amp. Rock n’ roll.


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