Two new software additions, Breverb and SpringAge – thanks to Overloud for the opportunity to check ’em out.

That’s right, two additions from the Overloud product family. As a reviewer who isn’t associated with a huge magazine or anything it can sometimes be difficult to work with manufacturers to procure products for review, but I have to say that Overloud is extremely easy to work with. Nice folks. Anyway, on to the tools!

BREVERB, a pretty comprehensive “rack style” reverb plugin that seems aimed at competing directly with IK Multimedia’s CSR for a quality algorithmic reverb:
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SpringAge, a new and very cool release that emulates three different types of spring reverbs, in addition to a tube preamp and a two-band parametric EQ. The whole package is put together very nicely. I have only worked with it preliminarily, but my first impressions are positive. I love that the EQ’s “Q” factor turns into a shelving EQ at the extremes, that’s a very clever way to add some functionality without adding needless GUI complexity. There’s a lot of parameter control over the springs, too. They market the product as combining the fidelity of convolution reverb with the versatility of algorithmic reverb, and from what I can tell, they are not exaggerating. I will have more to say about the product soon, as I get more of a chance to try it out!

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I feel it’s worth mentioning that Overloud is definitely at the front of the pack for format support, offering 64-bit native versions of their plugins. There are too few companies doing that. As a 64-bit operating system and 64-bit DAW user, I really appreciate the attention to detail in making sure their plugins aren’t just cross-platform, but also fully supportive of modern operating systems. At this point there just doesn’t seem to be any excuse for the industry to be so behind everybody else in their support for 64-bit; after all, 64-bit processors have been the norm for over six years now! At least a few companies are keeping with the times.


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