V-Picks Have Landed. Some thoughts, and a clip!

All v-picks have arrived. Work very busy this week, but nonetheless I am going to try to at the very least do an audio demo quickie to show that they bring out different sounds when strumming and when playing single notes, both clean and overdriven.

Ah, I may be passing on the Medium Rounded and Medium Pointed next week, since the 4.1mms really, really do it for me, I guess I’ll try to get clips of them done soon so the $4 lineup has a part in the thing. They’re nice, but the $10 ones are pricier for a reason imo, really, really comfortable to play. It takes a bit of getting used to, and A/Bing between a Big Stubby and the acrylic V-Picks (of any variety) shows that it isn’t that the Big Stubby sucks or anything, it’s just that the V-Picks are way more comfortable for me and have a sound I like.

My general impression so far is that the 4.1mm V-Picks’ sound is similar or different as follows:

A.) pointed or rounded tips sound more like other pointed or rounded tips. The strongest difference of kind is here; within the “pointed / rounded” distinction it’s more difference of degree, and can be subtle.

B.) there is a sonic quality to the attack that buffed picks have, and a notably different one that unbuffed have. The buffed picks slide the string out of the way while the unbuffed picks are rougher and drag/push the string out of the way. You can feel the difference playing and it’s pretty noticeable to the ear, too.

C.) specific bevel characteristics beyond just “pointed” or “rounded” influence the sound, but less so than “pointed” in general and “rounded” in general. So a slightly rounded bevel sounds different than a really rounded bevel, and a slightly pointed bevel sounds different than a really pointed bevel, but they will sound either “pointed” or “rounded” first.

So, for example, I have a Snake Pointed Buffed that has a very similar bevel to the Diamond Pointed Buffed, and the main difference between them is that the Diamond is a smaller pick while the Snake is a larger pick, not a huge sonic difference. The part of the plectrum that makes contact with the string is similar on the two and so there’s not a whole lot of difference in the sound. But I have a Snake Unbuffed with a more rounded edge, and it sounds totally different than either of those. I have a Dimension Buffed and it sounds pretty different since it is less pointed and also has a built-in offset to the plectrum’s sharper edge, sort of like you’re tilting the pick but without tilting the pick. That imparts a difference. But for straight-up “pointed edge” picks, probably more a question of comfort. If you like bigger picks, the Snake Pointed is preferable to the Diamond Pointed for comfort reasons.

Here’s what I was thinking for the demo, something like the following clip but with a video to show what’s being played when, going through all 8 of the ones I have here (the two $4 ones and the 6 $10 ones). In this clip, I have just two – a Pointed Diamond Buffed followed by an Snake Rounded Unbuffed. This isn’t the most prominently differing pair but these are two of my favorites. The Diamond is little, somewhat bigger than a Jazz III, while the Snake is bigger than a Big Stubby. Both are 4.1mm thick.

Format is straightforward – first I play something with the Diamond, then I play something with the Snake. Have a listen.


3 Responses to V-Picks Have Landed. Some thoughts, and a clip!

  1. Dave Thomas says:

    I would like to try out those mega thick plecs I have quite a collection of different types too.

    I haven’t left many comments lately but I have been dropping by time to time 🙂 I have been having real success with my Blackstar amp.

    Im moving down to London temporarily soon and Im going to have to backtrack and move back to a virtual rig, the thought of it is a bit daunting as I have been so out of the loop for a ages now. Im using a Mac based system now too so that will add a bit a spanner to the works as well!

    catch you later.

  2. nc! gave me some thoughts and now I’d like to try some of those!

  3. Reblogged this on Nitro Head's MERRYLAND and commented:
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    I’ve been using a lot of picks now like Dunlop Tortex, Ibanez signature and standard picks, and some other local brands. I saw this brand one time and became quite interested. I’ll probably get try it out once I have the time but I’ll definitely be checking it out.

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