The Fruits of Not My Labor: AXP/SoftAmp’s 25R amp sim!

I guess I could go into a lengthy explanation as to why I haven’t been able to update this blog in FOREVER, but how about instead I just update the blog? Cool? Cool.

I helped beta test this for the developer and got a link with blessing to share it now that it is done. Windows only, 32-bit or 64-bit included. Let me just get this out of the way. The twist is that you might not expect anyone to model this particular amp. It’s not a JCM 800. It’s not a Soldano. It’s not a Mesa. It’s not a Fender Twin. It’s not an Orange. It’s not… okay, there are a lot of brands, I’mma cut to the chase here.

What’s it a model of?” well it’s a model of the Fender Frontman 25R. Yes, a solid state practice amp. “Seriously? A solid state combo amp? Why in the he-BECAUSE IT’S COOL, try it yourself and see! Click the pic for a link to the page. Fancy! 🙂


Anyone familiar with AXP’s other plugin stuff probably knows that while this is ostensibly “just” a model of the Fender Frontman 25R, complete with reverb and (two!) speaker sim(s), there’s of course way more to it in practice. The developer always does cool stuff to go beyond the strict boundaries of the model and take advantage of the ease with which you can adjust stuff on the fly in the digital world that would take a lot of time, tools, and effort in the physical world. For more good evidence of that, see the Guv’nor pedal plugin that offers a great emulation of the Marshall Guv’nor pedal (and its 20-years-later followup!) but also has a ton of tweaks to apply to it for more sounds. That rocks. This rocks. The other plugins also rock. Hey, there’s even a tube gain stage plugin, a cool sounding triode for free, people love that don’t they? Grab the tube. As it is digital and a model, it will not burn you as a physical tube would. 100% safety guaranteed (note: I am not responsible if somehow it does in fact burn you, although to the best of my knowledge that’s straight f**king impossible, I can’t account for the possibility that AXP is a graduate of Hogwarts and has created a literally magical model here so better safe than sorry)


In this case, he did a faithful emulation of the Fender Frontman 25R practice amp, and it actually sounds surprisingly good – I know, I scratched my head when I first hear that it was going to be modeling a solid state practice amp too, but it sounds way better than you probably think… 10″ speaker and all, haha. Though that is just one of two options, and in my opinion it sounds better with the 2×12 speaker sim. Still, you’ve got the option, so however you want to run it, your call, obviously. The 10″ speaker sim is more authentic, but you’re about to see why authenticity might not matter so much in this particular case. Oh, this is the good part. We’re getting to the really good part. Drumroll, please.

It gets way more interesting when you catch the part where he added an “AXP Mod” switch that goes nuts and replaces the solid state gain stages with tube emulation gain stages instead, and re-voices the EQ. Boom, from solid state to basically a boutique amp that he invented in the digital realm. Take that, Dumble! Hah!

It’s free as in free beer so nab it, and get the other plugs while you’re there, they rock.I am not sure if I’d have known about AXP/SoftAmp if it hadn’t been for his call for beta testers for this plugin, I guess there’s not a lot of self-promotion going on here, but play this for a few minutes even and you can really tell he spent a lot of time getting this stuff right, the model and its super duper mod both sound cool as heck so somebody’s gotta give props. That person, today, is me.

Enjoy, folks!

P.S. It is GOOD to be BACK! I’ve got a ton of content ready for you, and admittedly some work to do pruning the out-of-date freebie list as well as some other “housekeeping” stuff. But let’s keep it fun, yeah? Rock on!

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