Software companies have been busy! Preliminary plan for 2016, and a quick AT:MESA/Boogie demo clip

May 10, 2016

Realizing that I haven’t updated most of my software since 2014 lead me to a few pretty neat discoveries. First, I missed a ton of stuff from IK Multimedia while my back was hurt. Here’s a very quick demo clip of just one such thing, from Amplitube MESA/Boogie – the newest Mark IV model. I was going back and comparing the old Mk III model and the new one, and the old one sounds alright… ‘Til you play the newer one! Big difference. Here’s the clip of the Mk IV, just the amp model itself. Bit hurried demo, wanted to get something down for a friend and I wanted to have something to put up from the new amps. Really impressed with where IKMM’s modeling technology has got to these days. Used the Recto cab model that comes with the MESA/Boogie pack, such tasty cabs in this pack. Early judgment is this is worth getting for sure. I did not have to boost this model to get a good, responsive tone, and working with it was very much like working with an actual Mark IV. Folks complained that there’s no Mk V but at least I know what a Mk IV sounds like in person, haha.AT MESA MkIV Demo.png


With that quick clip out of the way, here’s some general thoughts on what I’m setting out to do here. Just figuring out what all has changed since I last wrote has been a bit of a task! On the Amplitube front, a lot of new stuff had been added. There are amps going back to 2013 that I’ve played for the first time in the last week. I’m picking and choosing what all to demo but I’ll probably just record what appeals as I’m configuring a bunch of new patches to take advantage of the great new gear.

Apart from IKMM, it looks like the landscape has changed a bit too. Guitar Rig 5 is old but no sign of GR6 to replace it any time soon (well, no rumblings as of yet). Doesn’t look like some of the old software is supported much anymore – when was the last time Waves GTR did something really cool, or StudioDevil was in the news? Hardware from the 2000s is enough of a mixed bag that I am uneasily looking at replacing my StompIO (which only works for conversion and some MIDI, now, having been discontinued in like 2009) – may go with another IK interface, as I’ve had fantastic results out of my StealthPedal and StompIO interfaces over the years.

Future updates will include better context for the clips, by the way. And I’m getting a soundcloud account set up, since Tindeck’s whole thing sort of got lapped between then and now by more successful audio host sites.

Thanks for reading, anyone reading! Looking forward to providing a bunch of new content through the rest of 2016. Amplitube 4 and other Amplitube-family software since 2013 will be mentioned frequently in the immediate future, then I plan to do a thorough review of S-Gear 2.5 – I’d wait for S-Gear 3 but the fact of the matter is this review’s a little behind as it is, so I think I might just review that update separately when it’s released! It’ll be fun to move from the big shop, big software kind of approach IKMM have taken with Amplitube and do the comparatively stark and minimalist software from Scuffham Amps. Can its mighty tone in a small package stand up alongside the leaders of modeling today? Sussing it out should be fun.