Amplitube 4 & Amplitube Orange Power Duo demo

June 16, 2016

Had some personal stuff come up last week, but I kept at it and put a demo clip together this week with some patches to share.

With regard to AT4, well, it’s amazing at what it adds – I really like the new Marshall models. This could easily have been an Amplitube: Marshall pack in terms of quality of the emulations, but I guess you can’t have the logo without the license! Still going to need to use Amplitube: Slash if you want a model with “Marshall” right on the front. For this track I used Amplitube 4’s model of the JMP-1, an emulation of Marshall’s classic high-gain preamp. The real deal gets its clipping from a combination of tubes and diodes as I recall – it has tons of crunch on tap but should still be pretty smooth. The emulation does not disappoint.

One of the available deals is Amplitube 4 + Amplitube Orange, definitely a tempting choice for anyone without them as the Orange pack is by far one of the fullest-featured. It has amps, bass amps, cabs galore, and it all sounds great. The amp sims are really something else here, and were some of the most impressive things I’d played at the time. I really get along with Orange’s take on higher gain, too, just has a great tonal balance for my tastes. All of the guitar amp models included in the package have got some use from me and I definitely recommend checking this out (free to try in the CS, so no good reason not to).

Orange Thunderverb heavy rhythm patch

Amplitube 4 model of Marshall JMP-1 solo patch

And while it’s not as long as I had wanted to render out maybe you’ll enjoy the drum track to jam with – going to start doing the drum tracks differently soon, I think, to include a longer jam track for folks visiting the blog.

Amplitube MESA/Boogie Mark III and Mark IV Demo (w/ patches, drums download)

June 4, 2016

With the ongoing IKMM Power DUO promotion, you can get Amplitube 4 and a package of your choice for a price I personally was willing to pay. I used that to get the latest shell with its complement of Mxrshall amp models and superior effects routing and cab miking (in my opinion, anyway, I think this is the best cab sim they’ve put out), and nab the Amplitube: MESA/Boogie pack.

I’ve always loved the Mark series of amplifiers, from the Mk IIC+ onward, and the fidelity of IKMM’s current generation modeling technology is really something. It’s hard to convey in a clip but the “feel” of these is great, and they’re some of the deeper models as far as exposing all of the controls you’d get on the real deal, front and back. Now a new generation of digital players can appreciate how much better simulclass usually sounds than Class A in Boogies! 😉

This is a demo for the AT:MESA/Boogie MkIV and MkIII models (mk IV rhythm, MkIII lead). T-Racks 3 was used on the master bus, Voxengo Deft Compressor was used on drums and Voxengo GlissEQ was used on rhythm guitar. I could have used Amplitube’s parametric EQ, but I just wanted a slightly more subtle cut than Amplitube’s rack parametric EQ was giving me, along with a smooth lowpass which I feel GlissEQ does really well. In a pinch I could have made do with Amplitube’s option, but I feel like most folks using the software will also have their preferred options for those little nudges.

Mark IV Rhythm patch

Mark III Lead patch
And here’s the drum track for it if anyone wants a free drum jam track. Toontrack makes some easy to use drum software, very happy with the value prospect of EZdrummer 2 so far. Need more sound fonts though. Err, kits. Next time, I’ll probably render it out with more of a middle, as this one is quite short, but hey – I’ve used weirder stuff to practice and this beats a DAW test tone click!


I may yet do a Recto demo clip. Comes with two of ’em and they both sound huge. But I’m thinking Marshall amp sims from AT4 next.

IKMM extend their Power Tube DUO promotion a month, offer new iRig AT4 Deluxe bundle

June 2, 2016

Looks like IK are extending the time that users have to get one of the better promotional deals they’ve offered in a while. If you don’t have Amplitube 4, and are also looking to pick up one of the excellent amp packs from the Custom Shop, these upgrade bundles can save you quite a bit. I know it’s all part of their model these days, sales upon sales, but this was legitimately a pretty good deal for me versus buying even in past sales. I picked up AT4 and the MESA pack, one clip of which I’ve put out so far (I’ve had some recording hardware issues, fixed now thankfully).

I’m getting ready to remedy the not-enough-clips problem, and in the spirit of the DUO promotion, I’m going to demo one of their new AT4 Marshall models, and something from one of the packs as well. I’ve got a great deal of personal use out of some of them (especially the Orange pack, which has been a go-to for me since it launched, and the old Metal and Jimi Hendrix packs – not every model in them holds up now, unfortunately, but AT: Metal still has a sick 5150 and a Randall Warhead model as well as some great OD pedals, and AT: Jimi Hendrix has some more recently modeled gear that’s of pretty much current-gen quality and a host of useful classic fuzz pedals. They’ve done right to price them cheaper than the newer packs, though, there’s a huge quality difference between the old and new in some other cases. Hard to go wrong with the packs on offer, honestly.

I’ll publish the patches too, and while I’m at it I’ll publish the drum track I jam to as well. EZdrummer 2 makes knocking them out a total breeze, and I’d love to have something fun and useful to offer y’all for reading my blog.

Going to be recording tomorrow morning, aiming to do a Marshall and a Mesa demo to kick things off since I know that’s going to be a popular pack! Maybe I’ll add some comparisons to the older models as well, just to see what’s changed in the sound – I’ve got the whole kit, might as well put those old ones to use for something.

Random trivia: anyone else remember the old “Amplitube Duo” software package? Was basically the precursor to the modern Amplitube Custom Shop, back in the day. IKMM likes the word Duo, is all I’m saying.

Now they’re offering a copy of AT4 Deluxe (which is basically AT4 + some gear from AT:Custom Shop to expand your options) to anyone who buys one of their iRig units, up to and including the iRig Pro Duo. That’d be a pretty solid start if you want to go the IKMM route and need a no-fuss audio interface that works well. I’d buy IKMM hardware again, as I have had a StompIO since 2008 and two StealthPedals from their launch ’til now and all three work. Cannot say the same for some other hardware I had in that time period (rest in peace, Rig Kontrol 3). Just saying.