Amplitube 4 & Amplitube Orange Power Duo demo

Had some personal stuff come up last week, but I kept at it and put a demo clip together this week with some patches to share.

With regard to AT4, well, it’s amazing at what it adds – I really like the new Marshall models. This could easily have been an Amplitube: Marshall pack in terms of quality of the emulations, but I guess you can’t have the logo without the license! Still going to need to use Amplitube: Slash if you want a model with “Marshall” right on the front. For this track I used Amplitube 4’s model of the JMP-1, an emulation of Marshall’s classic high-gain preamp. The real deal gets its clipping from a combination of tubes and diodes as I recall – it has tons of crunch on tap but should still be pretty smooth. The emulation does not disappoint.

One of the available deals is Amplitube 4 + Amplitube Orange, definitely a tempting choice for anyone without them as the Orange pack is by far one of the fullest-featured. It has amps, bass amps, cabs galore, and it all sounds great. The amp sims are really something else here, and were some of the most impressive things I’d played at the time. I really get along with Orange’s take on higher gain, too, just has a great tonal balance for my tastes. All of the guitar amp models included in the package have got some use from me and I definitely recommend checking this out (free to try in the CS, so no good reason not to).

Orange Thunderverb heavy rhythm patch

Amplitube 4 model of Marshall JMP-1 solo patch

And while it’s not as long as I had wanted to render out maybe you’ll enjoy the drum track to jam with – going to start doing the drum tracks differently soon, I think, to include a longer jam track for folks visiting the blog.


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