Amplitube Fulltone Collection Demo

June 2, 2017

fulltone_main_image_v2_optI picked this up during the recent credit sale and I am really enjoying what the pack has to offer. There is nothing like the TERC in Amplitube, and similarly the SSTE is just next level compared to the prior Tape simulation efforts. Sounds fantastic.

I used the TERC and the SSTE on the rhythm guitar track. It’s basically all Fulltone Pack tone there, went with the clean channel of the MESA/Boogie Triple Rec for nice warm basic tone, and gave it to the TERC and SSTE to do their things.

I’m demoing the TERC and SSTE but not the OCD just because I didn’t want the OCD’s particular tone for this track. Wanted fender drive. However I can say this, even though it was released years earlier, the OCD model is a great pedal model in the software and I use it a lot to fatten up thinner sounding amp models now and then, in addition to just using it on its own through a clean amp model for the OCD sound.

I digress – For the lead tracks I used the Fender Collection 2 ’65 Super Reverb amp model with some different settings for a little contrast between lead 1 and 2. I’ve really clicked with that amp model, I highly recommend it and love its tone and feel. That’s right, amp sims are getting good enough that you can prefer them for similar reasons you’d prefer a given amp.

Window into the process: I was feeling pretty down when I composed and recorded this track, but getting it out of my guitar helped, some anyway. Music is good for the soul.