Further details on Amplitube 3

January 15, 2010

Check out IK’s Amplitube 3 Interface page for an extremely in-depth and specific look at everything that will be included in the software, and what it’s all based on. Very cool.


Peavey announces ReValver MkIII.V

January 14, 2010

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Peavey’s official announcement page

Looks like ReValver will be getting a much needed upgrade, including 9 new amps and effects. The announcement page says nothing about whether this will in fact be an upgrade available to existing customers, but does note that it will be available for sale in Q2 of this year. I would hope that ReValver owners can get this as a patch, especially if it fixes some of the long-standing bugs in the software. ReValver is an excellent program at its core with great sound quality and amazing flexibility and tweakability, but support apart from the RTAS change has been rather lacking since its release back in 2008. Here’s hoping Peavey is able to right the ship on this software and bring it back into competition with the other big guys – the programmer for ReValver (Michael of Alien Connections software before being brought into the Peavey fold) is a very, very smart guy and I’d love to see his work meet with further success and attention.

In the midst of NAMM 2009 (Today is IKMM day, big news coming I’m sure!), Overloud releases… SLEGO! For free!

January 14, 2010

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What is it? Well, Slego is apparently a stand-alone app from Overloud featuring 32 presets from TH1, except they don’t cost you any money at all to use. Enjoy, folks, TH1 has some great tones in it and I’m sure they picked some cream of the crop presets to show off what it can do. For free! If you want to use them for recording, you’ll have to use something like Rewire to route the audio to your DAW of choice, but hooking up and jamming should be a simple affair.

Download your very own Slego here

I’ll update later today with any cool stuff coming out of NAMM and my thoughts on it. IK has a big one in store, pay attention to the press – something very cool already leaked, but today’s the big day.